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A perfect tan is always so attractive especially when its summer and everyone is aiming to have a glowing, natural-looking tan. Tan is not just about looking appealing or beautiful, it often makes people feel more confident and makes them feel better. Generally, the beach is the perfect place to get a natural tan, however, it might not be possible to get a natural beach tan for some people due to several reasons such as economic condition, time constraint, or various other reasons.

And for such people, there are amazing alternatives available such as the Zoom Tan which is a famous tanning business that is also quite decorated. It focuses on maintaining a high standard in terms of service and aims to achieve excellence. Artificial tanning as a concept is not nouvelle, since the first-ever tanning machine was established in 1906.

Although they were invented solely for medical purposes, later it was discovered that they have a beauty perspective too and can be used to get the desired skin tone. The trend for an artificial tan for beautification purposes was maximum in the 1980s when people utilized them for gaining aesthetics. However, due to lack of technology, the tanning beds during those times were not as efficient and did not deliver the best possible results.

In around 2008, Thomas Gosilano, a well-known businessman moved to Florida and decided to open a tanning salon which was quite unique as an idea. He decided that with the aim of being able to cater to the demands of people who want a good tan. He established Zoom Tan which had unique stand-up tanning beds instead of the traditional beds, which quite efficiently met the clients’ requirements.

Despite having so many tanning brands in the competition, Zoom Tan has worked its way through and managed to maintain a respectable position in the industry. Zoom Tan has its salon locations widely spread around in New York, Florida, and Georgia with over 50 tanning salons in all. Zoom Tan aims to further expand its business and has been successful in doing so.



Zoom Tan houses the most advanced and the best technology available and exceeds all customer expectations. They have stand-up tanning machines that are different from the traditional tanning beds, but they possess a combination of high quality and the best technology that results in absolute excellence. These tanning beds are extremely efficient in providing a beautiful natural tan without having to go to the beach.

There is an option where the customer can opt for a typical UV tan right from head to toe, and this classic method can also be achieved in the non-traditional, stand-up tanning booths and the results are commendable. Zoom Tan takes into consideration a customer’s value for time and offers an alternative to stand-up tanning booths which is a quick spray tan which provides a similar outcome as that of a stand-up booth, but in this case, instead of doing a UV tan, a quick spray of mist that is sprayed out of the

nozzles present inside the booth is done. This is advisable for clients with a time constraint since it takes less than three minutes for the entire procedure to happen. This alternative is super convenient and is quite a in demand since the procedure can be easily done even in the span of a lunch break. There are no drawbacks to this quick tanning procedure since this spray tan does not rub off on clothes since the clients are immediately dried off, so it makes this option very appealing and sensible to clients.

The tanning services at Zoom Tan provide a plethora of options since clients can have a single walk-in session without a membership also. Clients also have the choice of opting for single pay or monthly and yearly visits. A special privilege given to their frequent, loyal customers is that they can choose unlimited sessions for UV Tan as well as Spray Tanning.



Although there is a considerable amount of competition in the tanning industry, Zoom Tan as a brand has been successfully able to sustain itself in a respectable position due to its exceptional customer service and utilization of only the best-advanced technology equipment. Using stand-up booths in Zoom Tan encourages clean and more hygienic tanning sessions. Keeping the hygiene standards in mind they have no skin contact booths which makes it safer and the spray tan option also has way lesser chances of streaks and burns which makes it a relatively safer alternative. 

The booths at Zoom Tan have an open-air system that facilitates enough ventilation for the person inside which is a very important aspect to have. Tanning products are believed to have a foul, non-pleasant odor. However, the tanning booths at Zoom Tan do not sustain any filthy odor that the conventional tanning products are expected to have which makes the customer’s experience more comfortable.

Zoom Tan emphasizes the quality of the service provided and ensures high quality to all its customers be it, UV Tan or Spray Tan. They have consistently maintained their standard of services and they guarantee a solid complexion without any streaking irrespective of the method of tanning chosen and they also provide services that are long-lasting. The results of the tanning procedure last from five to ten days. 

Zoom Tan ensures a great quality of service at reasonable rates where all the hygiene and sanitation norms are followed regularly, and your experience is made worthwhile.

Gold Tanning (Unlimited UV)

2 Month Minimum with Auto Pay (Price Per Month) $9.99
One Visit $12.00
One Month $59.00
One Year $99.99

Zoom Tanning (Unlimited Spray + UV)

2 Month Minimum with Auto Pay (Price Per Month) $29.99
One Visit $20.00
One Month $99.00
One Year $299.00


Zoom Tan provides an extensive range of services at a reasonable rate. Here are a few services with their respective prices as follows – 

In the Gold Tanning services, there is unlimited UV provided.

The 2 Month Minimum with AutoPay service costs $9.99 per month, One Visit costs $12, One Month unlimited UV package costs $59, and One Year unlimited UV package costs $99.99. 

Under the Zoom Tanning services, there is an unlimited supply of UV as well as Spray Tan.

The 2 Month with AutoPay Package costs $29.99 per month, One Visit costs $20, the One Month package costs $99, and the One Year package costs $299.



Zoom Tan offers several membership packages that are quite beneficial for their frequent customers. There is a UV 9 membership which is a monthly membership costing $22 which offers a level 5 booth for UV tan every day and the process consists of up to 9 minutes of UV Tan. The Spray 2 membership is a monthly spray tanning membership that costs $33.

This membership provides a Level 1 or 2 Spray Tan every day throughout the membership. The UV & Spray Membership 9 Min/ Level 2 is a monthly membership that costs $44. This membership provides a Level 5 Booth for Spray or UV Tan every day throughout the membership. The tanning process is up to 9 minutes of UV and Level 1 or 2 of Spray Tan.



Zoom Tan is a popularly loved tanning parlor that provides an extensive range of good quality services at reasonable rates. They house advanced technology equipment that often exceeds their client’s expectations and leaves a positive impression on them. They ensure complete hygiene and sanitation in the booths and throughout the whole process. This is absolutely the correct place to visit to gain a perfect natural-looking tan that is long-lasting. 

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