Ulta Salon Prices, Hours, Makeover Costs & Review

Ulta Beauty Inc. which was formerly referred to as Ulta Salon, Cosmetics, and Fragrance Inc, is a franchise of beauty stores in the United States of America. It has its headquarters in Bolingbrook, Illinois. This brand is well known for its cosmetics and skincare products, fragrances for both men and women, nail cosmetics, bath and body creations, beauty kits and tools, and products for hair.

This store is very well equipped and has a salon, a Benefit brow bar, and Dermalogica, a skin bar. Ulta Beauty is widely known in over 50 states where it has established 1196 stores across these states. 


History Of Ulta Salon

Ulta Salon, Cosmetics, and Fragrance was established by Richard E. George, who was the former President of Osco Drug Inc. along with Terry Hanson. Richard resigned from Osco in order to establish a business, which later would turn out to be Ulta.  The business plan included a first-hand idea for retail that would offer higher-end and lower-end commodities and services.

George and Hanson were joined by the other Osco executives and they raised $11.5 million in their venture capital, eventually leading to the launch of Ulta in 1990. After a long process of appointments and execution, ultimately Ulta Beauty was created and engineered for customers to go into self-supporting stores, like those found in strip malls, that enable customers to feel comfortable to shop in a makeup store, without any pressure felt from the staff members handing out samples.

In 1994, Ulta underwent a makeover, a renovation that eliminated products that were available in a drugstore, such as vitamins and toothbrushes. The brand decided to focus on beauty products. In 1999, Ulta beauty amended its name from Ulta3 which changed the brand in its entirety.

As of May 2, 2020, Ulta Beauty operates a total of 1264 retail stores and has an online website where it distributes products, which involves a wide range of tips, tutorials, and other relevant content.

The brand Ulta Beauty provides with both, high-end and drugstore level cosmetics, skincare, and fragrances, all this in addition to its own range of makeup, bath and body creations, skincare, nail products, hair care products, fragrances, and some more products for men’s utilities.

Ulta also provides the services of a salon in every store nationwide, which provides a wide range of good quality services.

The efficiency of the brand was clearly portrayed when in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was one of the first retailers to actively close their stores. This attitude of care towards their employees and guests, as well as a measure to reduce the spread of the virus, is highly appreciated. 


Ulta Saloon Prices

(The prices mentioned are mere starting prices of the respective services.)

Hair Cut Prices

Haircut & Style Starts at $36.00
Signature Haircut & Style Starts at $46.00
Clipper Cut Starts at $20.00
Bang Trim/Neck Trim Starts at $12.00
Classic Blowout Starts at $26.00
Go Out Blowout & Style Starts at $36.00
Go Out Blowout & Style with Conditioning Treatment Starts at $46.00
Signature Blowout & Style Starts at $46.00
Redken Steam Infusion Blowout with Steam Infusion Starts at $66.00
Diamond Dusting Blowout Starts at $50.00
Bombshell Blowout Starts at $55.00
Formal Style Starts at $50.00


Hair Color Prices

Redken® Chromatics Color (permanent) Starts at $63.00
Redken® Color Fusion (permanent) Starts at $58.00
Redken® Shades EQ Glaze (demi-permanent) Starts at $43.00


Highlight Prices

Accent Starts at $48.00
Area Starts at $73.00
All Over Starts at $98.00
Dimensional Starts at $108.00


Texture Prices

Texture Wave Starts at $78.00
Relaxer Starts at $83.00
KeraStraight® Smoothing Treatment Starts at $162.00
Brocato® Smoothing Blowout Starts at $62.00


Skin Prices

The Dermalogica® Skin Treatment Starts at $55.00
Dermalogica® UltraCalming™ Treatment Starts at $55.00
Dermalogica® Medibac Clearing® Skin Treatment Starts at $65.00
Dermalogica® AGEsmart® Skin Treatment Starts at $75.00
Dermalogica® Clear Skin Teen Treatment Starts at $25.00
Dermalogica® Power Resurfacing Peel Starts at $40.00
Dermalogica® MicroZone® Targeted Treatments Starts at $25.00
Dermalogica® Cleanse & Moisture Treatment + Microdermabrasion Starts at $65.00
The Dermalogica® Skin Treatment + Microdermabrasion Starts at $80.00



Makeup Application Starts at $40.00
LASH beLONG Eyelash Extensions Starts at $150.00
Strip Lash Starts at $10.00
Cluster Full Lash Starts at $35.00


Waxing Prices

Lip Wax $11.00
Chin Wax $13.00
Lip & Chin Wax $19.00
Brow Tweeze $23.00
Lip, Chin, Side Wax $27.00
Brow & Lip Wax $28.00


Nails Services Prices

Lip Wax $11.00
Chin Wax $13.00
Lip & Chin Wax $19.00
Brow Tweeze $23.00
Lip, Chin, Side Wax $27.00
Brow & Lip Wax $28.00


Redken Chemistry Shots Starts at $18.00
KeraStraight Intense Boost Starts at $30.00
Nioxin Scalp Renew Treatment Starts at $25.0


Ulta Salon Services & Products


Ulta Beauty provides a wide range of beauty services with a guarantee of showering the customer with their complete attention. All the Ulta Stores are designed to have an expansive salon area with around eight to ten stations, a desk for the receptionist, and distinctive areas dedicated to skin treatments, hair color processing, and basic shampoo. Apart from the haircuts, coloring, perms, waxing, facials, and nail treatments, Ulta salons have added to their services, microdermabrasion, hair extensions, and gel manicures too.

The range for basic haircuts begins at $36 and after a consultation with an experienced staff member, a customized shampoo with conditioning follows. The cherry on top is the blowout after the hair wash.  

For the special, signature haircuts by Ulta, the prices are slightly higher around $46. The haircut is quite identical to the regular haircuts and styling but it uses a special product, Redken for deep conditioning which energizes your hair and gives it strength, moisture, color protection, and the softness that it requires. 

Another well-known service is the “Diamond Dusting Blowout” which is a complete package that includes shampoo and conditioning with Redken Diamond Oil, a tailored blowout that uses the Redken conditioning oil that provides your hair with gloss and shine. 

Another hair treatment that you can opt for is the Ulta’s “Kera Straight Intense Boost” that makes use of an effective mask on your hair which is specially formulated for enhancing hair elasticity, in order to prevent any breakage and also nourishing the dry and weak hair. 

And yet another treatment is the “Nioxin Scalp Renew Treatment” which subtly exfoliates your scalp with the aim of removing any dead cells and restore new, healthy fresh cells. There is a long list of services that Ulta Salons offer, which is skillfully provided by licensed, immaculately experienced hairdressers and stylists who are completely determined towards their guests and are committed to meet every client’s needs. 

Their services are outstanding since they go beyond the ordinary, do more than what is expected by giving styling lessons, consultations, skincare routines, and at-home care suggestions. They are famously known for their efficient performance towards customers and the quality of the services they provide. 


Ulta beauty provides an overwhelmingly wide range of products in their stores. Here is a list of only a few out of the many products that Ulta stores have. These include products from varied brands some of them being from an elite range.


  • Perricone MD
  • La Roche-Posay
  • Mario Badescu


  • The Body Shop
  • Tree Hut
  • Le Couvent Des Minimes

Eye Care

  • Michael Todd 
  • L’Oreal 
  • Skyn Iceland
  • Physicians Formula

Hair Styling

  • Osis+
  • Deva Curl
  • Kenra Professional

Men’s Fragrance

  • Ralph Lauren
  • Yves Saint-Laurent
  • Hugo Boss
  • Calvin Klein

Women’s Fragrance

  • Giorgio Armani
  • Pink Sugar
  • Dolce & Gabana
  • Michael Kors


Why You Should Choose Ulta Beauty Salon?

The brand Ulta Beauty not only provides its customers with a wide range of good quality beauty products but also has a salon with eight to ten stations providing with astounding beauty related services be it pertaining to skin, hair, scalp, nails. The staff members in the Ulta Beauty salons are licensed and extremely skilled and have vowed to give their clients the best service possible and to commit to the eminence of the services fully. Ulta Beauty products and services will never disappoint you and are definitely worth the money paid. 


Membership Benefits

Ulta Beauty has devised the ‘Ultamate Rewards Loyalty’ program as a way of thanking its customers for choosing Ulta Beauty. Ultamate Rewards members earn points for every beauty product that they purchase, these points accumulate and translate into dollars which can be reimbursed to use again in stores of Ulta.com on any of the 20.000 products available. 

It has over 19 million active members and the program is growing even further as the existing members publicize the brand and express their love for it.

This program is quite beneficial for its best guests, who are regular shoppers, who often act as brand advocates. Working towards increasing its share in the beauty market, Ulta Beauty aimed to influence its Ultimate Rewards to acquire new clients. Since members were already good-mouthing about the brand, Ulta Beauty decided to invest in a recommendation-based marketing platform, where the guests would not only be rewarded for the efforts already being made but it would incentivize them to refer better guests even more frequently. 

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