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TGF salons is a very known high-end chain of beauty salons that strive to work with the aim of accommodating the desires and expectations of Texas and Washington areas. TGF is a significant part of the esteemed Regis Corporation, which is undoubtedly the largest hair salon franchise in the entire world, along with the other astonishing beauty salons. Regis Corporation has expanded its business to 11,000 salon locations worldwide.

TGF was founded in the year 1993 and since then they have been focusing and striving to expand the brand in the cities of Texas and Washington.

TGF has opened 59 TGF salon locations since the brand was founded and they have received an immense amount of response from their clients.

TGF salons have a peculiar feature of having very expansive locations, where there is rarely any inconvenience caused due to crowding.



TGF offers a wide range of services at a reasonable cost which makes it appealing to the customers. TGF salons are an apt destination for clients with all kinds of beauty related demands since they take pride in being a one for all beauty salon for the typical customer.

They provide their customers with good quality service. Irrespective of whether a client has a scheduled visit or a walk-in urgent visit, TGF has such amazing resources that they make sure to deliver good quality services- haircuts, styles, colors, perms, highlights, or any other services that they offer.

There are an other numbers of services which are termed as extra services which are beard trims, facial waxing, bang trimming, hair conditioning.

These services are extremely high on quality but are provided at a reasonable price, so that factor makes salons really appealing to potential customers.

However, they have a policy of no-appointments that they strictly follow but also make sure that they are not compensating on a client’s value for time or even satisfaction. During their rush hours, the TGF personnel and other staff members are calm even under pressure, their composure and poise is commendable even under pressure and demand.

So, if even in rare cases if a certain client is made to wait, the services and the welcoming atmosphere makes their time totally worth it.



TGF salons are determined towards meeting their customer’s desires and expectations. They have a commendable quality of service. The TGF salons are very spacious which makes it less cramped and commodious. It ensures that the customers are well looked after and creates a warm atmosphere to make them feel welcome and comfortable.

TGF is quite high on hygiene and sanitation and has a strict regime of following the standard operating procedures. It is an elegant salon, with great management and a comforting environment that will surely give you a lovely experience.



Their services are provided at a very reasonable rate.

For adults, a haircut costs $13.95, a haircut with shampoo and conditioner costs $15.95 and up, and a haircut with shampoo, conditioner, and express dry costs $17.95 and up. These are the base prices but there may be additional costs depending on various factors that the stylists will inform you about.

For kids, age group 10 and under, a haircut with shampoo and conditioner costs $10.95 and a haircut with shampoo, conditioner, and express dry costs $13.95

For other services, the costs are the following:

Color costs $44.95 and up, Foil Highlights costs $49.95 and up, Perm costs $44.95 and up, Relaxer (Virgin) costs $49.95 and up, Specialty Style (Includes Shampoo) costs $26.95 and up, Style costs $14.95 and up.

However, for Conditioning Treatments and Waxing, the price varies.


Adult Haircut Prices

Haircut $13.95
Shampoo, Conditioner & Cut $15.95 and up
Shampoo, Conditioner, Cut & Express Dry $17.95 and up


Kids Haircut Prices (Under 10 Years)

Shampoo, Conditioner & Cut $10.95
Shampoo, Conditioner, Cut & Express Dry $13.95


Other Service Prices

Color $44.95 and up
Foil Highlights $49.95 and up
Perm $44.95 and up
Relaxer (virgin) $49.95 and up
Specialty Style (includes shampoo) $26.95 and up
Style $14.95 and up
Conditioning Treatments Not Known
Waxing Not Known



TGF salons are loved by their clients, they are unique in their service. Their staff is extremely warm, skilled, and friendly which results in creating an amazing bond with their clients. Their hospitable nature makes the clients feel at home and convinces them to visit time and again for their astonishing standard of service. In addition to the moral aspect, TGF staff is extremely skilled at what they do.

Their work is so impressive, they provide a wide range of international styles and cuts and are very up to date when it comes to maintaining the trends. They strive to meet their customer’s demands and expectations, and they are doing a very good job at it.

Their great stylist-customer bonds, make their visits smooth since they do not really have to wait for getting any service as they are quite familiarized and have personal preferences when it comes to stylists. So, it all works in a very coordinated manner.

Your experience at TGF will be so wonderful that you will want to visit their salons time and again!

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