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Tanning has always been in trend; even before it became a concept. While in countries like India, fair skin, and is socially more preferred, in Western countries tan skin is something out of the ordinary. It gives the impression that you’ve recently been on a vacation of sorts. Maybe you don’t have the resources to spend on an extravagant vacation, maybe you can’t find the time out of your busy schedule to get one. Whatever the reason, it’s not the only way you can get a tan. Tanning salons are the answer to your hopes of having exotic crisp tan skin.

South Beach Tanning was founded in the year 2003 by Brian Hibbard inspired by the art deco look of South Beach Miami. One look at their air-conditioned premium bed, their exclusive high pressure best, or their state of the art UV free VersaSpa, and you’re in for something bigger than just an ordinary salon. The franchise does amazingly in the Florida area including Orlando, Tampa, central and south.

Despite the majorly unstable and changing market and economies, South Beach Tanning maintains a track record in never having a single outlet closed down till date. The South Beach salons stand out by having their outlets almost  2 to 3 times the size of an average salon.


Services & Products

What’s commendable about South Beach Tanning is that they aren’t all over the place like a lot of salons who try to provide a lot of facilities thinking that would be a good idea to get in customers but end up providing lousy services. South Beach Tanning seems to know better and has stuck to their niche and worked to make that the best service possible.


South Beach Tanning understands that not all people want to have a light tan nor does everyone want to go all out with their tan. They understand that different people have different skin tones and tanning needs. To curb this situation, South Beach offers 5 different levels of tanning beds for you to choose from.

Level 1

The level one beds are the perfect equipment to get and maintain a perfect base tan. The level one tanning beds at South Beach provide the largest tanning surface of their class, have surround sound and high output body blowers. The level one session is super quick and only lasts 15 minutes.

Level 2

The level two beds have wider tanning surfaces. They also have cooling and high output bronzing facial Tanners for the golden glow that you require. These units deliver outstandingly and like the level one beds are quick lasting just 15 minutes but giving excellent results.

Level 3

The level three beds are a sure shot upgrade from the previous ones having more features, tanning lamps and more output. These result in a deep, dark, golden brown tan even around the shoulders and sides. The session is even shorter and without the fear of burning usually associated with low ranks of beds.

Level 4

These beds are additionally air-conditioned and feature the highest bronzing output in their class. They give the darkest possible tan without high-pressure units. They also have comfort features like mist breeze, climate control, aromatherapy, and more. The session is 10-12 minutes long.

Level 5

This bed will get you the darkest tan possible along with the best tanning experience. Your tanning rays will feel like the sun with high powered fans to cool your body like the ocean breeze. This limits reddening of the skin while the session is 10-12 minutes long.



You can also get a tan without actually exposing your body to the radiation. This can be done by getting spray tans. You are provided with your own private booth that guarantees precision. They both use airbrush technology and you get blow-dried after every treatment. The application is completely mist free and uses all-natural ingredients.

You can choose between clear and tinted solutions, your color between light medium and dark, and also from extra services like prep, tan extender, extra legs, and extra dark. The tan may last for about a week.


South Beach Tanning provides over 50 different lotions for sale. Their products are high quality and aloe vera based instead of water-based lotions found in the market.


Why You Should Choos South Beach Tanning?

Tanning isn’t as easy as jumping on the bed and coming out all perfectly tanned. You need to take care of a lot of things like what color you need, what level of bed you need, and what product will or will not suit your skin. The staff will you’re you throughout the process and go out of the way and use combinations of beds and products to make sure that you get the tan that you desire.

They will give you a complete overview and walk-throughs of the process, the oils, moisturizers, and everything there is that you need to know. To top it there are no appointments no waiting way that they go by which truly is client-friendly.


South Beach Tanning Prices

The prices are another plus when it comes to South Beach Tanning. The prices vary depending on a lot of things. Level 1 tanning could cost you anywhere between $9 for a single seating to $188 for an annual pass. Level 2 is $13 for a single session and $388 for an annual pass. Level 3, 4, and 5 cost $18-$588, $22-$788, and $30-$788 respectively for the same.

You can also avail of these services as VIP unlimited, a 30-day pass, or buy 4 get 2 free whose prices lie somewhere in between. The same goes for spray tanning whose prices range from $30 for a single session to $688 for an annual pass. There are also a lot of packages you could choose from whose prices may vary. A cherry on top would be that the membership prices have gone as low as $18.88 for a month on which the salon is putting quite some emphasis.


VIP Unlimited $18.88
Single Session $9.00
30 Day Pass $49.00
Buy 4 Get 2 Free $36.00
Annual Pass $188.00


VIP Unlimited $38.88
Single Session $13.00
30 Day Pass $59.00
Buy 4 Get 2 Free $48.00
Annual Pass $388.00


VIP Unlimited $58.88
Single Session $18.00
30 Day Pass $79.00
Buy 4 Get 2 Free $72.00
Annual Pass $588.00


VIP Unlimited $78.88
Single Session $22.00
30 Day Pass $99.00
Buy 4 Get 2 Free $88.00
Annual Pass $788.00


VIP Unlimited $78.88
Single Session $30.00
30 Day Pass $119.00
Buy 4 Get 2 Free $120.00
Annual Pass $788.00


VIP Unlimited $58.88
Single Session $30.00
30 Day Pass $99.00
Buy 4 Get 2 Free $120.00
Annual Pass $688.00


One Month Sunless $99.00
One Month Sunless + Dark $119.00
One Month Sunless + Dark + Options $129.00


Membership Sunless $58.88
Membership Sunless + Dark $68.88
Membership Sunless + Dark + Options $78.88

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