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Sola Salon has introduced a completely foreign concept of running a salon that is far from the ordinary. A Sola Salon is a unique location that consists of several smaller salon spaces accommodated in only one large retail place. This new studio concept will work best for you if you have ever experienced a situation with a hairstylist that you liked in an extremely overpriced/ disorganized salon. 

In this nouvelle concept, each salon space is owned and run by a different stylist and instead of visiting expensive high-end salons and waiting for your stylist while other clients wait for their hairdressers, you can simply see you, stylist, in a separate, individual space with an entrance. In this kind of business, the stylist pays for the entire salon space assigned to them instead of just one chair in a big salon owned by someone else. 

At Sola, hairstylists own the entire studio space and they work in and decide their own working hours and even prices. They have a customized salon space reflecting their personality, where they will have furniture, beauty products, music, and ambiance depending on their taste. 

The entire place has subdivided salons that are like small offices in a co-working environment. It is like a one-person business, where they can decide their own rules and working hours. The Sola Salon franchise provides the stylists with many amenities including Wi-Fi, gas, electricity, and water. The stylists are given various options for salon studio layouts.

They are provided with oversized mirrors, customized cabinets, hydraulic chairs, shampoo bowls, and retail shelving. They also have insulated studios with padding that keeps the noise out from the adjacent studios. Stratton Smith and Matt Briger, the founders opened their first co-working, individually owned salons in 2003 Denver. 

The company has over 400 locations spread around in the U.S. and Canada and over 10000 independent and extremely skilled stylists at those locations.



Sola Salon provides high-quality services along with hot water supply and maintenance and janitorial services. All of these extra amenities will be inclusive in the Sola Salon lease. This is a factor that should be considered by an entrepreneur who is aiming to establish a start-up in the future with a small budget.

Sola Salon also gives you the liberty to have more than one professional in your single salon, if you wish so as a future expansion since the company has made floor plans available for accommodating another stylist. To operate a salon business in the Sola Salon empire, other products inclusive of your lease is a start-up checklist, forms for obtaining license/s and other permits, and retail distributor contracts.

Another beneficial service provided by Sola Salon is the referral program which varies in its terms and conditions which wholly depends on the new salon owner. Special rewards are also given to their loyal clients who refer the stylists to another potential customer. Rewards like free haircuts or beneficial discounts can be given to an old client every time they bring a new client

Having your own salon allows you to set the rules and terms and conditions all by yourself, and you can also amend them as per your convenience.



The Sola Salon empire has an endless number of stylists and professionals, so it gives a lot of options to choose your preferred stylist. Once you join the Sola Salon community you get easy access too independent owners all over the country.

It also gives special access to limited offers, retail products, liability insurance industry events, continuing programs on beauty culture or hair science, disability insurance (available in specific states), discounts on retail products, and invitations to occasions like family picnics, parties, and other occasions organized by the Sola communities.



Sola Salon has a number of professionals so the prices may vary, but on average, the prices of certain services from the huge range of services they provide are the following:

For Haircuts, the Signature Haircut costs $15, Half Cut costs $10 and Clipping Ends costs $10.

For Hair Coloring, a small section costs $15, half highlights cost $50, whole highlights cost $85, whole head hair color costs $35, half tips costs $50, whole tips cost $70, and each additional color costs an extra $15 and the color removal process has a starting price of $20 and may vary on various factors which your stylist will inform you of.

For Treatments, Deep Conditioner/ Hot Oil Treatment costs $15 and Aphogee/ Protein Treatment costs $25.

For Extensions, Each Individual Extension costs $5, Half Quick Bond Extension costs $15, Quick Bond Extensions costs $35, Quick Bond Extension Tightening costs $15, Half Sew-In Extensions cost $60, Full Sew-In Extensions cost $110 and Versatile Sew-In traditions cost $160.

Haircuts Prices

Signature Cut $15.00
Half Cut $10.00
Ends Clipped $10.00


Hair Color Prices

Small Section $15.00
Highlights (Half) $50.00
Highlights (Whole) $85.00
Tips (Half) $50.00
Tips (Whole) $70.00
Each Additional Color $15.00
Whole Head (1 Color) $35.00
Rinse $10.00
Uncolor Process (Starting Price) $20.00

Texture Modifications Prices

Touch-Up Relaxers (Children) $15.00
Touch-Up Relaxers (Adults) $25.00
Half Touch-Up Relaxers (Children) $15.00
Half Touch-Up Relaxers (Adults) $15.00
Touch-Up Texture Softeners (Children) $25.00
Touch-Up Texture Softeners (Adults) $35.00
Virgin Relaxers (Children) $40.00
Virgin Relaxers (Adults) (Starting Price) $40.00
Virgin Texture Softeners (Children) $45.00
Virgin Texture Softeners (Adults) (Starting Price) $40.00


Treatments Prices

Deep Conditioner / Hot Oil Treatment $15.00
Aphogee / Protein Treatment $25.00

Deadlocks Prices

Relaxed (Children) $30.00
Relaxed (Adults) $40.00
Natural (Children) $40.00
Natural (Adults) $50.00

Extensions Prices

Individual Extension (Each) $5.00
Half Quick Bond Extensions $15.00
Quick Bond Extensions $35.00
Quick Bond Extension Tightening $15.00
Half Sew-In Extensions $60.00
Full Sew-In Extensions $110.00
Versatile Sew-In Extensions $160.00
Non-Traditional Sew-In Extensions $210.00
Fusion Extensions $360.00
Sew-In Extension Tightening $20.00


Sola Salon is an extremely innovative idea to establish your start-up in the beauty industry. It provides professionals to build their own salon brand and set their own standards. It gives the stylists the autonomy to decide their own rules, working hours, and terms and conditions of the salon. They also get to decide the services they want to provide along with the prices that they want to offer the service for.

For the customers, this is a beneficial deal since they get to have the options that they wanted in that huge elite salon that they visited but had to wait for their turn with other people crowding the place. In these kinds of salons, the customer gets a walk-in visit usually without any waiting or a pre-set appointment, both being very time-saving.

Also, since there are a variety of stylists available, they get to pick one from the many which enable them to have a lot of options.

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