Smartstyle Prices, Services, Locations & Timings

Walmart salons are commonly known as Smartstyle. Walmarts provide almost all the array of styles whereas Smartstyle provides only the service you want to avail  Thus, in the busy fuzzy modern lifestyle, smart style is the smart choice for the smartest people.

Smartstyle is mostly preferred because it provides a combo of services for the whole family. It is of great convenience. Smartstyle is the part of a big brand enormous salon enterprise, the Regis. If you are not well aware of the big brand Regis, then to let you know, Regis is a multi-dollar salon company which is an extension of Kunin Beauty Salon since 1958.

Myron, the son of Kunin and Florance extended Kunin Beauty Salon and added an additional layer of success to the enterprise reintroducing it to the Regis Salon. Smartstyle is one of the fastest-growing division of the Regis. Smartstyle owns 2100 outlets of Regis Corporation. It joined Regis in 1998.

It provides extensive salon services. Smartstyle is a family salon which can be found anywhere in the Walmarts. Their affordable range is very much attractive for family customers. This is one of the reasons why Walmart had still now retained the maximum of their customers.

They provided enough roam for couples with extensive varieties of facilities. This, in turn, is the key role player in their business growth. Their extensive services include women’s haircuts, men’s haircuts, kid’s haircuts, coloring, waxing, perms, styling. Their basic styling begins from 15.95$ and goes higher up then.

Smartstyle Prices and Services

Smarstyle Prices

Smartstyle do have a great variation in their price range. It feels like they probably have arranged themselves a marketing analyst to have such well-executed variations in their prices. They have combos of several orders prevailing much to the customer benefits.

Since it’s famous for being a family salon, it offers customization to packages for all the family members irrespective of gender and age. If you want to move your grandparents in style, Smartstyle is never going to disappoint also in terms of money. Another best part is that there is always a complimentary shampoo, conditioner and a scalp massage free with every hairstyle or haircut done without any additional charges.

Adult haircuts begin from 15.95 dollars and Kids packages begin from 10.95 dollars. If you want to cut your price, you can customize your own package according to your desire. They offer pocket-friendly services, by far the best of services. The much of Regis Corporation’s success is owned by Smartstyle Walmart salons.

Haircuts Prices

Adult Haircut$15.95
Adult Haircut & Express Dry$18.95 & up
Kid’s Haircut (10 and under)$10.95
Kid’s Haircut & Express Dry (10 and under)$13.95
Buzz Cut$10.00

Coloring Prices

Permanent or Demi-Permanent$44.95 & up
Full Foil$49.95 & up
7 Foils$24.95 & up
14 Foils$34.95 & up
Individual Foils$6.00 each
Dimensional Color$49.95 & up
Cap Highlighting$44.95
Bleach (includes toner)$54.95 & up
Beautiful Browns or Jazzing$24.95 & up
Glossifier$24.95 & up
Color Rinse$3.00

Corrective Color Prices

Color Remover (per application)$18.00

Styling Prices

Basic Style$14.95 & up
Advanced Style$18.95 & up
Therma Smooth$31.95 & up
Specialty Style$26.95 & up
Luxury Style$44.95 & up

Permanent Prices

Basic Wave$44.95 & up
Specialty Wrap$54.95 & up
Partial Perm$23.00 & up

Other Services

Wave Nouveau$59.95
Basic Conditioner$1.00
Moisturizing Conditioner$3.00
Special Care Conditioner$7.00
Intense Conditioner$10.00
Waxing$11.00 each
Smartstyle Products

Why Should You Choose Smartsyle?

In this century, the world is a fast-moving place. Everyone is in motion. The schedule is enough tight fitted to cut even 15minutes easily. In this busy fuzzy life, we always tend to welcome something which positively impacts our convenience.

Just like, we started preferring malls over markets, and then e-commerce solutions over malls, we would love to get ourselves done with the trend at a single place. Smartstyle is one such salon, which helps you to hook up dress, style and elevate in trends easily, offering services for all your family members.

Smartsyle is one of the most successful wings of Regis Corporation. Their enterprise is bulked with expert stylists who elevate your haircuts and coloring according to your posture, texture, face shapes. In addition to all these, they have a personalized wing to offer chemical services. It might include color correction, full highlights, partial highlights, facial spa and many more services like that.

Uncommon services that are unique to only Smartstyle include specialty and Malibu conditioning treatments, full or partial perms, basic or luxury styling, relaxers and waxing of up to three areas on your face. Besides all their stylings, curling, aging, and coloring they are open as a selling enterprise too. They sell a variety of branded hair care products that can give the salon-like appearance in your home.

They sell products of CHI, Joico, Kenra, Mizani, Sebastian, and TIGI. They do also have some electrical appliances like trimmer, hairdryer, hair straightener. All this stuff would help you to give a salon-like outcome in your home more affordably. DesignLine is the own brand name of its parent company, The Regis.

With all the name, fame, and worth, they are still successful in being dedicated to their commitments to offer affordable, quality services to their customers. If it’s a bit costly for you to avail Regis service, you can experience the same Regis as services with Smartsyle in a more comprehensive price range. This also stands as a possible reason for the success of the Smartstyle Walmart salon.

Smartstyle Timings & Hours

Smartstyle’s quality and services are beyond to complaints. Coming to their timings, it does deserve a  through appreciations. They are available almost every time. They are available all the 7days of a week. Just a little change in the working hour might exist. Where the whole work-life enjoys a holiday on Sunday, The Regis Corporation and its wings devote themselves to their work life. 

This might be the reason for their so successful turnover within just 20 years. The enterprise is extremely dedicated to their commitments an.d services. They are still growing and extending their wings and outlets across the world.

Monday10:00am – 7:00pm
Tuesday10:00am – 7:00pm
Wednesday10:00am – 7:00pm
Thursday10:00am – 7:00pm
Friday10:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday10:00am – 7:00pm
Sunday10:00am – 6:00pm

This is all about Smartstyle Prices, Services and Hours. For more updates keep checking.

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