Roosters Men’s Grooming Prices

Long gone are the days when salons we’re typecast into a luxury only women wanted. Revolutionizing of the beauty industry normalized men going to ‘salons’ and not a ‘barber’. That being said it’s also true that men prefer the barbershop experience over any unisex salon. Keeping both of those in mind and incorporating both of those qualities, the  Roosters Men’s Grooming Center was established in the year 1999 by master barber Joe Grandin.

Joe realized the shortcomings in the services provided at any barbershop and the lack of a manly ambiance at any unisex salon and made sure the salon he set up met both of those standards. Roosters Men’s Grooming Center provides men with the traditional classy barber experience jam-packed with a whole range of additional modern services.

Over the years, the Roosters Men’s Grooming Center has grown many folds to be the franchise it is today. The original Salon located in Lapeer, Michigan rapidly expanded as a franchise to have its outlets at 85 locations across 23 different states in Canada and the US and still keeps growing.


Roosters Men’s Grooming Prices

As mentioned above, the salon is as affordable as it gets while being jam-packed with remarkable services. The Roosters Club Cut costs about $29.00 while the Signature 7-Step Facial Shave costs up to $25.00. Both of these services combined will cost you $49.00 which honestly is so much more than you ask for taking into consideration the services and the service quality. All the other services fall below $26.00 except for the highlights costing about $44.00 which is as wallet-friendly as professional salon services get.

Basic Services

Roosters Club Cut $29.00
Signature 7 Step Facial Shave $25.00
Gentlemen’s Choice $49.00
Professional Hero Cut $24.00
Young Man’s Cut $19.00
Headshave $25.00
Neck Trim $0.00
Beard Trim $15.00
Hi-Lighting (Starting Price) $44.00
Camouflage (Starting Price) $26.00

Special Services


Roosters Men’s Grooming Franchise Services & Products

The Roosters Men’s Grooming Center provides a wide range of services starting from basic haircuts to exquisite services like facials and highlights. Just like it promises to be, the Roosters Men’s Grooming Center is both traditional as well as modern when it comes to the provision of services.

They provide a number of different kinds of haircuts alone. Be it the low-maintenance Crop Cut or something as iconic as the Pompadour which leaves you looking like you’ve stepped right out of a movie scene no matter how you style it. Be it any haircut, the Classic Fade, Textured Long Taper, Classic Taper, a Modern Quiff or a Side-Swept Taper; if it’s a thing, they’ve got you. They have got a whole lot of services apart from the basic haircut when in comes down to it

Hair Services

There’s nothing better than a service that is a bunch of services clubbed together; the Roosters Club Cut is as perfect as any service gets. You get a precision haircut consulted to you. That’s right! When was the last time you went and consulted someone before you get a haircut? To top that up, you’re also given a shampoo massage and a hot towel treatment finished off with elegance, which is a brush of powder at the neck to get rid of the itch paired with a splash of aftershave and that’s just the beginning of it. You can go ahead and pair the Roosters Club Cut with their Signature 7-Step Facial Shave. If you serve in the force, be it active duty military, police, fire, or EMS, you’re in luck for you get all of this at special prices.

Shave Services

The Roosters Men’s Grooming Center provides a very precise and detailed edging and grooming for your beard. But if you want to be a little Gatsby, you can head for the stars and try out the Signature 7-Step Facial Shave which comes with a hot towel prep with essential oils added to a professional shave and deep cleansing and toning treatment finished with moisturizer, aftershave, and talc.

Additional Services

You can also go for getting highlights done in your hair to get yourself a fresher look. It also makes your hair look thicker. On the contrary, if you’re just someone simpler or want to play it safe with colors, the toy can choose to get a neutral looking coloring service to simply blend your greys in. Moreover, if you’ve got dull and tired skin, they also provide a Road Recovery Facial which comes with hot towel prep with essential oils, deep cleansing, and toning treatment plus a moisturizing massage.


To top off all the excellent services they provide, Roosters Men’s Grooming Center also has a line of their own products to maintain that look you had stepping out of the salon. The wide range of products includes Pre Shave Oil, Shaving Cream, Gel Cleanser, Toning Mist, Aftershave Cream, Cologne, and a 2-in-1 Shampoo and body wash which is sulfate-free.


Why You Should Choose Roosters Men’s Grooming Center

The professional barbers working at the outlets aim to create a truly unique and exceptional experience with unmet standards. They focus on taking extra effort into getting to know and catering to the client’s specific needs and requests and they do not fail to do so. Having extremely positive customer feedback is what has gotten this franchise to where it is. If the wide range of services isn’t reason enough, Roosters Men’s Grooming Center is also surprisingly very reasonably priced.

It is extremely affordable considering the quality and the quantity of the services that they are providing. Moreover, it truly is a classic and classy experience in all just as they claim to be. So if you’re someone who really appreciates the vibe of places and the efforts gone into creating and maintaining a certain ambiance, this is the place for you.

The Salon leaves you with a sense of comfort and extravagance at the same time as you walk out that door. It is the right choice to make because at the end of the day you only want to feel like what you paid for was worth it and you’re sure to feel that about Roosters Men’s Grooming Center.



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