Regis Salon Prices, Services, Locations & Timings

Regis Salon is one of the most heard names of salons all over the world. In this modern world, everybody is in the hunger of following the trend. Regis salon provides a wide range of cuts and styling which goes well with you. Regis is a dedicated family salon that showed immense discipline in business programs. 

The services of Regis salon are so well oriented that they do also offer one to one consultations. The experts of Regis salon are so well trained that they keep no space for dissatisfaction. Regis Salon is basically an expansion of Kunin Beauty Salon, which was founded by Kunin and Florence in 1922.

Later, in 1958, their son, Myron, expanded Kunin beauty salon and reintroduced it as Regis salon in 1958. Regis Salon is now a well renowned global leading salon enterprise with almost million-dollar brand value. Their first most priority is providing superior quality service to the customers. This is the prime reason why Regis salon is being one of the incomparable salon brands worldwide with no potent competitor.

Regis is so successful to operate about 10,000 outlets all over the world. Their service is so good to have more than 155 million registered clients. Their service is not limited only within hairstyling, cut, coloring, waxing, grooming, they do also have their own products which are available in the market for selling purpose.

These products do bring handsome revenues to Regis. All these together add to the brand value of Regis which accounts for almost multi dollars. Despite its fame and success, it did not move away from its commitments and do provide the best quality services until today.

Regis Salon Prices and Services

Regis Salon Prices

Regis salon is also unbeatable in the range of prices. They are extremely budget-friendly that they do allow you to move with the latest trends without actually losing all your money. Their prices are within the affordable range.

For men, it begins from as low as 20 dollars and then goes higher up. Services for men are haircuts, haircuts with blow-dry and shampoo, and waxing. For women, it begins at 30 dollars.

They also have packages for kids. This service begins at 19 dollars. They do also have available options for customization like you can choose your own desirable stuff to include in your package. This, however, helps you to maintain your service a bit lowkey.

Haircut Prices

Women’s Haircut – Includes shampoo, conditioner, cut, and dry.$30.00 & up
Women’s Haircut & Style – Includes shampoo, conditioner, cut, dry, and style.$38.00 & up
Men’s Haircut – Includes shampoo, conditioner, cut, and dry.$20.00 & up
Men’s Haircut & Style – Includes shampoo, conditioner, cut, dry, and style.$28.00 & up

Color Prices

Coloring ServicesPrices
Permanent – For covering that gray or lightening/darkening your natural hair color.$75.00 & up
Demi – For refreshing faded hair color, to add vibrancy, or increase the shine of any natural hair color.$75.00 & up
Semi – Designed for bright, fashion-color results, or blended gray coverage.$75.00 & up

Highlight Prices

Highlight ServicesPrices
Mini (“baby lights”)$30.00 & up
Partial – Perfect for those who like dimensional color, highlights, or lowlights.$75.00 & up
Full – For those who want bright, fashion-color results, or blended gray coverage.$95.00 & up

Trend Color Techniques

Balayage$50.00 & up
Ombre/Sombre$150.00 & up
Gray/Silver Tones$90.00 & up

Special Services Prices

Formal Styling / Special Occasion$55.00 & up
Blow Outs$100.00 & up
Perms / Relaxers / Retexturizing$65.00 & up

Other Services

Deep Conditioning Treatments$10.00 & up
Waxing$15.00 & up

Note – Regis Salon Prices May Vary From Location To Location

Regis Salon Products & Prices

Why should you choose Regis?

We can easily retaliate with why not to choose Regis. And this debate is going to be so easy by far. Regis provides services that are actually of top-notch quality. Although Regis is a famous multi-dollar salon company, the ambiance and comfort provided by Regis are almost as comfortable as those in your nearby barbershops which you were once used to.

Consultants of Regis help to elevate your style and cuts according to your face, looks, texture and body well being. Thus, you can expect to attain the best possible look of you. Their services extend from hair coloring which in turn includes color correction, fashion color and base color to hair straightening, conditioning for nourishment.

Men’s services include hair waxing, haircut, haircut with blow-dry and shampoo. These services lie within an affordable range. The kid package available is also well recommended by users. In addition to all these services, they do also provide some other services like deep conditioning, balayage, ombre, somber and, texturizing services.

Overall, the service provided by Regis adds uniqueness and highlights to your personalized looks and helps to enhance your fashion. With their bewildering incomparable hairstyling services, they do have their own products available in the market which are also being sold profusely rewarding high profits to Regis.

Their own stuff is available under the brand name of DesignLine. The products of DesignlIne are available for both men and women. They do also sell other hair care brand products besides their Designline. The design line products include moisturizer, texturizer, hair color, hair waxer, which allows you salon-like services in your home without much investment.

Amika is their new store which provides cleansing products as well as electrical appliances like hairdryer, hair straighteners. Thus, overall there hardly stands any clause which can prevent any brainer to have their stylings done from Regis salon.

Regis Salon Timings

The dedication level of this family brand Regis salon can be witnessed through their available timings. They are open to serve you almost every day of the week. Sunday, which is considered as a holiday almost everywhere, Regis stand out from this grounded thought and offer services even on Sunday.

They are available from 11 a.m to 7 p.m on Sundays. The amount of daily hours they devote themselves to service their customers deserves a loads appreciation and applause. Here is the timing of Regis Salon –

Monday10:00am – 9:00pm
Tuesday10:00am – 9:00pm
Wednesday10:00am – 9:00pm
Thursday10:00am – 9:00pm
Friday10:00am – 9:00pm
Saturday10:00am – 9:00pm
Sunday11:00am – 6:00pm

These are all the details about Regis Salon Prices, services, locations, history and hours. Keep visiting for more updates.

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