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As a woman, you are conditioned to be conscious about the way you look. It is something that is ingrained deep in your brain by a society that you are to look your best always. Waxing is a huge part of this. While it’s okay for men to be all hairy, women are expected to shave skin that’s as smooth as a slate. It is something that is relevant to women all across the globe for a very long time. The need to always have a hairless body has given rise to multiple techniques and types of waxing.

The most common would be the strip wax also known as soft wax. This also is made available in three different kinds according to preference and those are heated, cold, and pre-made. Hard wax or stripless wax is another kind of wax that is widely used in the market. This method is considered to be less painful and hence preferred when it comes to waxing sensitive areas like your bikini line.

The much-realized need for these services in the market is what led to the establishment of the first outlet of Pretty Kitty in Montclair, New Jersey in the year 2012. Pretty Kitty is a franchise that aims at providing waxing services that involve competent and skilled aestheticians, quality wax, and fine cloth. The proprietor Tricia Hetherington realized that the women of New Jersey are very modern, fashionable, and urban.

She understood how Pretty Kitty would fit right in where there’s a positive approach towards hygiene and beauty and appearance is held high in regard. The salon is reaching out to more than just the East Coast demographic with salons at over 22 locations in the state of California, Texas, and Nevada. All their services include the usage of special waxes that contain argan oil.

It is an oil extract that comes from the kernels of the argan tree that is indigenous to Morocco. It is extremely rich and considered to be a hydrating agent because of its fatty acids.



The best part about the whole Pretty Kitty experience is the prices that they’ve set for them. They have maintained a price that doesn’t seem outrageously expensive when you look at the quality of service. The most expensive individual wax would have to be the full leg wax costing $60 while half is for $45. The Brazilian costs $55 and covers the full front, belly trail, inner thighs, and backstrip as well. The bikini wax that includes the Belly trail and inner thighs costs $35. Full arm wax will cost about $40 and $50 if you add the hands while half arm waxing costs $30.

The cost for men’s back and men’s chest and stomach waxing is $55 each. All the other services like any facial wax or the underarms cost $30 or below. You can even avail of these services in the form of packages like half leg with Brazilian costing $90 and a half leg with a bikini for $70 and a lot more to get yourself a good deal.

Waxing Prices

Brazilian (Includes Full Front, Belly Trail, Inner Thighs, & Backstrip) $55.00
Bikini (Includes Belly Trail & Inner Thighs) $35.00
Brow Design $20.00
Chin $10.00
Nose $15.00
Lip $10.00
Face (Sides) $10.00
Full Face $40.00
Full Leg (Includes Toes) $60.00
Half Leg $45.00
Full Arm $40.00
Full Arm (with Hands) $50.00
Half Arm $30.00
Under Arm $15.00
Buttocks $25.00
Men’s Back $55.00
Men’s Chest & Stomach $55.00


Other Waxing Packages

Half Leg with Brazilian $90.00
Half Leg with Bikini $70.00
Full Leg with Brazilian $105.00
Full Leg with Bikini $90.00
Buy 4 Brazilians ($20 Savings) $200.00




Pretty Kitty houses an array of waxing services. The most popular out of all the others is the Brazilian wax. They do things their way and break the stereotype that hard wax is better than soft wax for a Brazilian wax. They use a high quality soft Italian cream wax for it.

They believe that when it comes to Brazilian, most of the aestheticians you find are not properly trained to use the right technique. They think technique is the most important when it comes to getting the perfect wax and so they make sure that all their aestheticians are extensively trained to be able to do a Brazilian right.

Pretty Kitty’s training director Liza Lazzara goes as far as saying that when done right, with propped prepping and technique, the wax that they use should be able to minimize pain and be more gentle and efficient than any hard wax.

A Brazilian wax should take about 10-15 minutes to be done with when done efficiently. Pretty Kitty’s technique and wax make sure that you don’t get allergic reactions while also giving you complete hair removal. Like Argan essence does, Pretty Kitty waxes have an ambient aroma to them.

They use soft waxes and make sure that the stick waxes aren’t reused. If this is not practiced, it can cause allergic reactions or infections and hence it’s a major health code violation. Also, the beds are disinfected and are covered with a one-use bed paper which is religiously replaced after every single client use.

Apart from classic argan oil, Pretty Kitty also offers its clientele a choice between the elite in-house products like chocolate, bubblegum, and fudge scented waxes which are all formulated with argan oil to keep your skin hydrated despite getting a wax. Other options available here are vanilla, cotton candy, and strawberry shortcake.



Pretty Kitty is the ideal waxing go-to a place not only because of the wide range of exquisite and high-quality products that they use or the finely groomed and trainee staff they have. What makes it a place you could continue going to is the quality of services they provide along with the warm and welcoming atmosphere they successfully create.
The salon accepts walk-ins but does not believe in the system of online appointments. This tells you a lot about how they try to build relationships with their clientele to make the experience a lot more personal and comfortable. They will go out of their way to suggest you to not consume any caffeine at least five hours before a wax job to reduce sensitivity.

It happens because caffeine restricts blood flow in the vessels and hence increases sensitivity.
They also offer a suite for men where they can get their wax done on various body parts. They will be given the same high standard treatment as women without a doubt.


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