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We all are crazy about getting a hairstyle that represents our personality in a very smart way, and to get the perfect haircut, we go through a lot of salons, but still, we do not get what we expect sometimes. But the MasterCuts salon ensures that their team of hairstylist experts have the power to give the hairstyle exactly as your imagination.

In order to get an amazing, and excellent hair cut that defines who you are, you need to step inside the MasterCuts Salon. The salon is unisex, that means, it doesn’t matter what gender you are, if you want a fabulous look, just hop into the salon. They provide services to men, women, old age people, and kids.

They have a wide range of services from which you get to choose which service do you want, and they will charge you as per the package that you select. Located in Canada, and the United States of America, the MasterCuts Salon is providing excellent services for a long time, and have been giving trending hairstyles to its customers.


Mastercuts Prices

Below mentioned are the pricing pattern offered by the Mastercuts Salon:

  • The adults will be charged $15.95 for a normal haircut.
  • If adults want to get a haircut with shampoo, the charges are $18.95.
  • The kids who are 12 years old below it, will be charged $12.95 for a normal haircut.
  • The kids who are will be charged $15.95 if they opt for getting a haircut along with the shampoo.
  • If you want to get your hairs highlighted, then you will be charged $29.95, and more according to the package you select.
  • For getting your hairs colored, you will be charged $44.95, and more depending upon what kind of coloring package you select.
  • For getting your hairs permed, you will be charged $49.95, and more depending upon what kind of perm packaged, you are selecting.
  • For getting your hair blown dry and styled, you will be charged $7.00.
  • For getting your hair conditioned, you will be charged $10.00.
  • If you opt for getting facial waxing, then you will be charged $9.95.


Haircut Prices

Adult Haircut $15.95
Adult Haircut (w/ Shampoo) $18.95
Kids Haircut (12 & under) $12.95
Kids Haircut (w/ Shampoo) $15.95

Other Service Prices

Highlights $29.95 & up
Color $44.95 & up
Perm $49.95 & up
Blow Dry Styling $7.00
Conditioning Treatment $10.00
Facial Waxing $9.95


Why Choose MasterCuts Saloon?

You can easily find the MasterCuts salons at malls, and the other unique thing about this salon is you don’t have to make an appointment to get your hair styled. Just reach the doorstep, and you will be able to explore all their services.

If you do not want to get a haircut, then there are other options too like getting your hair colored, or other hair treatments that will fix your damaged hairs. To add to this, their services are highly affordable, and you can’t just get enough of it. At an affordable rate, you can get a brilliant hairstyle.


Mastercuts Services:

The prime services offered by the MasterCuts salon is the haircut to men, women, and children. Apart, from that, you can get treatment for your hair, and special occasion hairstyles, spas, conditioning, hair coloring, highlights, and more.

In our life, we get busy in our work, and in our responsibilities so much that we forget to take care of ourselves. We end up eating a lot of junk food, going out without thinking about hairs and do a lot of stuff because of which our hair gets damaged. No matter, how costly treatment you take from salons, it is important to eat proper, and healthy food that gives nourishment to your hairs, and keeps your hair stronger so that it does not fall or gets damaged.


Mastercuts Timings:

The salon remains open every day. From Monday to Friday, the timings of the salon are 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM, on Saturday the timings are 10:00 AM to 08:00 PM whereas on Sunday the timings to visit the solution is 11:00 AM to 07:00 PM.

It might happen that the timings of MasterCuts salon at different locations might vary a little bit. So, if you want to confirm, you can directly call the salon.

The MasterCuts salon was first got established in the year 1985, and the main agenda behind starting this Salon was to get people a brilliant haircut at an affordable price. The Mastercuts is a leading salon competing with some other highly excellent salons like Supercuts.

Having a team of professionals, they started giving an excellent of services to their customers, but later in the year 2017, The Beautiful Group purchased the salon. The Beautiful Group is affiliated to Regent. Their brands are now set up in many countries, and they are happily giving services.



Have a freezy hair and looking for an awesome Salon that can assure you to give you an excellent hairstyle? Then, it’s time to step into the Mastercuts Salon. It is one of the best salons in the USA, and Canada and we hope that the business will keep on growing, and keep delivering services.

Their charges might be a bit different when you reach the salon, so it will be recommended to confirm on call or you can check after reaching the salon itself. 

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