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Massage is perhaps one of the oldest healing traditions dating back to ancient Greece, Egypt, China, and India. The ancient people used massage to treat a number of ailments. Now, the wisdom of those before is truly commendable; for modern research indicates that massage can in fact be used to manage a variety of conditions. Some of them being anxiety, stress, muscular pain, soft tissue injuries, insomnia, and a bunch of other problems.

One of the immediate effects of massage is the feeling of being totally relaxed and calm which in turn prompts the brain to release certain endorphins. Neurotransmitters released by the brain provide a sense of well being. Massage Envy is a USA based wellness franchise that has adapted these very techniques. They provide massage, stretch, and skin care services.

Established in the year 2002, the franchise has grown a huge deal to stand and be the company that it is today. They have a network of about 1.5 million members all across the states. They are based on the value that the services that they provide might look like luxuries, but they are so much more in reality; they are a necessity to keep your mind and body working perfectly at all times.

Built over these beliefs, the franchise now has 1,100 franchised locations across 49 states with over 35,000 employees working to provide the best possible services to their customers.


Massage Envy Prices

Massage Prices For Members

60-Minute Wellness Massage $49.99
90-Minute Wellness Massage $74.99
120-Minute Wellness Massage $99.99
90-Minute Hot Stone Envy $99.99


Massage Prices For Non-Members

60-Minute Wellness Massage $94.99
90-Minute Wellness Massage $134.99
120-Minute Wellness Massage $199.99
90-Minute Hot Stone Envy
Hot stone massage therapy.


Other Services For Members

30-Minute Total Body Stretch $30.99
60-Minute Total Body Stretch $49.99
60-Minute Healthy Skin Facial $49.99
90-Minute Advanced Facial $74.99
60-Minute Anti-Acne Back Facial $59.99
60-Minute Exfoliating & Hydrating Back Facial $59.99
Microderm Infusion $89.99
Chemical Peel $89.99


Other Services For Non-Members

30-Minute Total Body Stretch $44.99
60-Minute Total Body Stretch $89.99
60-Minute Healthy Skin Facial $89.99
90-Minute Advanced Facial $134.99
60-Minute Anti-Acne Back Facial $99.99
60-Minute Exfoliating & Hydrating Back Facial $99.99
Microderm Infusion $129.99
Chemical Peel $129.99


Products & Services Offered

Massage envy is a big believer in the fact that every customer has different needs when it comes to the service they require. It aims to create a truly personal experience for each customer. The customers are asked to fill out a few details about things like one’s sleep schedule or what kind of day they’ve been having or what kind for personality they have to make a specifically curated unique treatment or therapy session for every individual. The services they provide are:-


A professional massage therapist gets to know you a little to begin with to decide which out of the various massage types you need. There are a number of different massages they provide like

  • Trigger Point Therapy

Your therapist will work with you to find out different trigger points (a tight spot in your muscle tissue that causes pain or discomfort) of your body and help relive them.

  • Swedish Massage

Your therapist will use various techniques like circular pressure, firm kneading, light tapping etc.

  • Deep Tissue Massage

Your therapist will work on your muscles and apply slow, firm pressure to release tension.

  • Sports Massage

Along with the massage, your therapist may incorporate stretching to help your muscles relax.

  • Reflexology

This treatment will help pay attention to all your nerve endings to help you relax and benefit you.

  • Cranial Sacral Therapy

The therapy is focused on relaxing the bones and muscles of the head, spine, and sacrum to reduce pain.

  • Prenatal Massage

This therapy is focused on helping pregnant women relieve stress and pain. The therapist will be specially trained to know how to support and position your body.

  • Geriatric Massage

This is a very light type of massage used to improve circulation and improve the posture of those who aren’t very active. You are given the option of using their own line of boosts called CyMe to boost your experience. You are also given a choice to personalized tour experience by opting to have your massage enhanced. Aroma Therapy, Exfoliating Treatments, and Hot Stone Envy are some of the options with you.



Massage Envy also provides a totally personalized Stretch therapy. The therapy not only helps you relieve tension in your body but it also helps you become more flexible and bendy. The overall experience has added benefits; it hops you have a clear mind, become flexible, and ease joint tension to name a few.

They have developed a special Stretto Method which includes Top-Down Technique, Chiropractic Influence, and other Personalized approaches to cater to tour needs.



Massage Envy takes personalization a step further by also providing personalized facials. You are set up with your personal Esthetician who will judge your skin type and evaluate it to customize the best treatment for your skin.

  • Customized Facial

A very specific facial will be planned out taking into consideration your skin type. Frequent facials are much recommended. It will help you fight dry skin problems along with the signs of aging and leave you with a bright and uplifted face instead of a dull and tired one.

  • Customized Back Facial

Your face isn’t the only one that needs pampering. Due to neglect, the sebaceous glands in your back become active. The back facial will help you get clogged pores right off of your back leaving you with clear and healthy skin.

  • Acne Facial Series

Over a span of six weeks, six acne facials will be done on your face to get rid of acne because let’s be honest, acne is the worst. Your Esthetician will customize your therapy and help you with skincare routines. You get an additional product with it too!

  • Acne Back Facials

Your face isn’t the only acne-ridden skin you’re troubled with. Your back is also prone to acne. Your back will be treated the same as your face to help get rid of the troublesome acne.

Additionally, Massage Envy also has a series of skincare products to help your skin maintain the glow it gets post-facial. Some of them are CyMe, OBAGI, JAN MARINI SKIN RESEARCH, PCA SKIN, and PROACTIV.


Why You Should Choose Massage Envy Saloon?

Apart from the amazing and unique services that they provide, the extremely personalized experience has to be Massage Envy’s USP but along with that, the customer relationships that they aim to build are on a whole new level. It is a franchise that believes that there’s always room for improvement and keeps on working to make their services and methods the best possible. That being said their services truly speak for themselves.


Membership Benefits

Just when you begin to think that it can’t get any better, Massage Envy brings in its membership. Becoming a member brings with it a lot of added benefits that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Membership makes your sessions extremely flexible. You get one 60-minute massage, total body stretch, or facial session monthly.

Even if you don’t attend these for some given reason, the sessions can be credited to be used at your convenience! You also get to enjoy an additional 60 minutes of service as an added bonus. You also get extra sessions if you refer a friend and the cherry on top is select discounts on the products! There’s also a military discount available.


Membership Prices

Month-by-Month Membership $69.99/month
6-Month Prepaid Membership $360.00
12-Month Prepaid Membership $720.00


Massage Envy Salon Timings

Day Hours
Monday 8:00am – 10:00pm
Tuesday 8:00am – 10:00pm
Wednesday 8:00am – 10:00pm
Thursday 8:00am – 10:00pm
Friday 8:00am – 10:00pm
Saturday 8:00am – 10:00pm
Sunday 10:00am – 6:00pm

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