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Long gone are the days when you actually had to bask in the sun all day to get a gorgeous tan that doesn’t always turn out to be gorgeous. Tan Salons, what once we’re considered to be unnecessary and risky have widely been accepted over the years and have come out as an alternative frequently opted for as the tanning industry has proven to be safe and profitable.

There are many reasons for one to choose to get a tan at a salon instead of doing it the natural way. The most relevant would be not having to deal with sunburns or dealing with all the sand. The bottom line, the beach can be quite the hassle at times while tanning salons can get you the result that you desire in a quicker and easier, and more affordable way.

First established in the early 1900s, the chain has been operated and owned by its current CEO, Nick Patel. Starting out as a four-store chain, LA Tan has grown gorgeously and expanded to over 130 locations in four different states. It is the fastest-growing salon chain in the Midwest region providing 5 levels of tanning.


Services & Products Offered

Just as they promise to be, LA Tan is a one-stop-shop for all your tanning needs. You can walk in and expect to find all the different kinds of tanning services to choose from and find the one that fits your requirements.



LA Tan Prices

The prices at which all the next-level services are offered at LA Tan will definitely seal the deal for you. The sunbeds start at $9 for a full session with the level one bed and extend to a mere $30 for level 6 which is usually outrageously expensive at other tanning salons.

You can also opt for the different packages they have to offer which includes express for $19.99  a month(includes level 1), platinum for $29.99 (level 1&2), diamond for $39.99(level 1,2,&3), and all access (levels 1-6) for $69.99 a month. They also have offers for every day of the week. Monday you get spray tan for $10, Tuesdays you get tan level 1,2&3 for just $5 and so on which makes it even more affordable and exciting.

Tanning Prices

Monday–Spray Tan $10.00
Tuesday–Tan Level I, II, & III $5.00
Thursday–Cocktail Tan $20.00
Saturday–Hydration Treatment $15.00
Sunday–Upgrade any level bed VIP Only* $5.00


Other Prices

Whiten Your Teeth while Getting a Perfect Tan $24.00
VITAMIN D Membership–A limited UV exposure $10.00/Month


Spray Tans and Sunbeds

Spray tans are a quicker, easier, and less risky way to get yourself the tan that you want. You can expect to get an instant color that lasts for about 12 days without the added risks that come with UV exposure with spray tans.

LA Tans provides state-of-the-art spray tanning technology with the versa spa range of tanning booths. Versaspa provides automated spray tanning systems that will help you get the effect you desire. This sunless booth bronzes, hydrates and smoothens fine lines all in one session within minutes. You can select one or three full-body treatments; a pre-sunless pH balancing treatment, the sunless bronzing treatment, and a post-sunless super hydrating treatment.

The first pre-sunless pH balancing, like the name, suggests balances the pH of your skin to increase the absorption of the spray tan using natural oils and maximizes hydration. The sunless bronzing treatment uses a blend of DHA, amino acids, and other ingredients to condition and moisturizes your skin.

This is the process that actually gives your skin the tan. You can choose between bronzer and clear bronzer. The post-sunless super hydrating treatment helps replenish your skin’s vital nutrients and deepens the color.

Versa pro heated sunless system comes with amazing technology that gives you results in minutes. It is paraben-free, non-comedogenic, gluten-free to give toy an even and natural color without any DHA odor.  As the name suggests, it has a quick-dry formula with more natural bronzer and the longest possible wearability.

LA Tan also gives you the option of getting a custom tan. The treatment is based on High Volume Low-Pressure turbine engineering. The technology atomized treatment lotions into fine mist delivering high-quality sunless tanning. You are also provided with treatments like pH balancing, anti-aging, or shimmer treatments to transform your skin.

LA Tan also provides sunbed facilities. Though it’s not as popular as their spray tans, it still holds a reputation for itself. They provide premium sunbed services for ridiculously low rates. Their sun beds range from level one to level six. This is a wide range to help you choose what fits you best. The level one bed gives the lightest tan and the level six-bed, the darkest.



Cryoyouth is basically a cryotherapy service provided by LA Tan. Cryotherapy refers to cold therapy. This is a wellness trend that involves you stripping down to your bares and spending three minutes in a chamber that goes as cold as -270°F. This treatment is somewhat similar to taking ice baths but it just takes it to a whole new level with the new technology. Two or three minutes in a Cryosauna is equivalent to spending 20-30 minutes in an ice bath.

The body temperature is lowered 30-50 degrees which trigger the brain to release endorphins resulting in super-charged blood. Majorly popular among sportspeople, cryotherapy is used to relieve chronic pain, decrease inflammation, speed up recovery, and increase athletic performance among its many benefits.

Detox Youth

Detox youth is a full body detox session that uses infrared energy to increase sweat production to release harmful toxins. It is different from traditional saunas which just uses hear waves. The heat prompts heart activity and boost circulation. It also helps increase your metabolism as you burn up to 600 calories hence also helping to loose weight.


Why Should You Choose LA TAN?

LA Tan provides numerous services all being of top-notch quality. You can expect to walk out of LA Tan with beautiful bronze skin and a smile that shouts satisfaction. LA tan is also very accommodating. Being networked through a computer interface, you can expect to access their facilities at any of the 130 salons pretty conveniently.

To add to the highly equipped salons, LA Tans employees all meticulously trained professionals who are proficient and very warm and people-friendly as they should be. The employees are never hesitant in offering recommendations and consultations.

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