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Nails might not seem too much; but they, like all the other parts of our body, are just as crucial. They play the role of a shield for the tips of our fingers and toes. Many of the purposes that our nails serve usually go unnoticed. Not only do they serve as a part that strengthens our fingertips that help us perform every day taka with much more ease, but they also prevent the entry of viruses and bacteria which might infect your body if your nail bed is damaged.

They also enhance our motor skills and help us perform a lot of others like the scratching, separating the pages of a book, or your hair. It helps your fingernails not roll back every time you do something with your fingers. When it comes to toenails, we all have stubbed our foot at some point in time or have our feet stepped on. Imagine that happening without toenails.

According to studies, our fingernails grow around one millimeter a day and our toenails grow at half of that rate. Nails have been used to monitor the health of individuals for a long ago. Even today studies show that one can tell what they are suffering from by looking at their nails. Ideally, your nails should be pink at the nail beds, slightly rounded with small shallow vertical lines. Any discoloration or variations can be signs of poor health. This emphasizes the need to take care of your nails even more.

LA Nails not only provides convenient services like manicures and pedicures but also specialize in nail repair. They can judge for themselves and administer accordingly what necessary things need to be done to rectify the situation.

LA Nails is a full-service establishment that in addition to nail care, also offers hair and skincare services. Their services range from manicures, pedicures, hand and body massages, hair styling and treatments, and waxing to eyelash extensions. The US-based company has its branches at multiple locations all around the country.

The franchise prides itself on being able to provide quality services in an atmosphere that makes the customers feel relaxed and at ease. They also provide foot and hand spas that can be availed in a package with manicure and pedicure. Hand spas are complimentary with a paraffin soak.



The salon offers a number of services that are both traditional and modern. They offer the classic manicure and pedicure which you can avail as an individual treatment or mix things up and package it with their special hand and foot spa services.

The pedicure spa includes scrubbing of the feet followed by an elaborate massage and a pedicure. The hand spa includes a massage and the hands being wrapped in hot towels. You can also opt-in or out of the use of paraffin for any of the services mentioned above

If you are not a big fan of nail extensions, the spa beauticians can also sculpt your nails for you without having to put extensions using glue and nail tips. You can also opt to get acrylic fill-ins that aim to protect your nails from breakage.

Another special service called Gel Power Nails is offered at LA Nails, where the gel is applied to your nails with the intent of strengthening them. They also provide nail art services where amazingly talented artists can create or recreate any style, design, or pattern that fits your taste and personality with great precision.

The NU pedicure treatment offered by LA Nails is a treatment where your feet are pampered and relaxed. The treatment starts with a foot soak and followed by a scrub and massage using only the best of spa products out there.

You can also not worry about where to leave your children while you visit the salon because you can just tag them along. The nail technicians are capable of handling kids very well. They can even give them nail art services of the design that they choose.

Waxing of the eyebrows, upper lip, forehead, and chin are also provided by LA Nails.



The prices, as mentioned above are lesser than what the reasonable prices should be. The spa aims to provide quality services at affordable rates. This helps make it an easy choice for their clientele because the end of the day all one wants is great service at even better rates.

The spa services provided here are as cheap as they come. The traditional manicure costs only $12 while the traditional manicure with the use of paraffin is $15. The spa manicure costs $18 with r without the use of paraffin. The traditional pedicure services cost $20, while that with paraffin costs $25. The spa pedicure is $30 without paraffin and $35 with.

You can club these services at a great price.  The traditional combo will cost you about $30 while the spa combo goes around $45. The wide range of nail services that they offer is pretty low priced as well. You can get full sets or overlays for $22, sculpture nails for $35, and full ins for $15. Gel power nails cost $30 while gel fills cost $18. You can also French the gel coating; both combined cost $23.

It costs $35 to get pink and white and permanent American nails each of which is the most expensive service at LA Nails. Pink fill is priced $18 while pink and white fill is for $25. All the other services cost $10 or less than that. You can get buffing cream applied or your nails cut down for free with any service.

Manicure Prices

Regular Manicure $13
French Manicure $16
Manicure (w/ Shiny Buff) $16
Gel Manicure $25
French or Color Tip Gel Manicure $30
Gel or Acrylic Removal and Manicure $18
Gel or Acrylic Removal $10
Spa ManiPedi $30
Polish Change $7
Gel Polish Change $15

Pedicure Prices

Spa Pedicure $20
French Spa Pedicure $23
Gel Pedicure $33
Spa ManiPedi $30
Polish Change $8
Gel Polish Change $15

Acrylic Nails Prices

Regular Color Full Set $30
Gel Color Full Set $40
Pink & White Full Set $40
Regular Fill $20
Gel Color Fill $30
Pink & White Fill $30

Waxing Prices

Eyebrows $10
Upper Lip $8
Eyebrows & Lip $15
Full Face $30
Leg $40 & up
Half Leg $20 & up
Under Arm $15
Bikini $20 & up

Facial Prices

Aroma Facial (1 Hour) $45
Quick Fix Facial (45 Min) $35

Other Service Prices

French Tip $3
Shiny Buff $3
Nail Designs (x2) $5
Nail Repair (each) $3
Sugar Scrub $7
Sugar Scrub & Mask $10
Callus Treatment $7
Callus Treatment w/ Sugar $10
Callus Treatment & Sugar Scrub $14
Callus Treatment, Sugar Scrub, & Mask $17


LA Nails ensures that the client’s nails are cleaned, trimmed, and filed to perfection to keep them healthy. The spa services at this salon include soaking the hands and feet in warm water to get rid of all the dirt and massaging the hands and feet with warm oil to keep the nails and skin moisturized. Moisturising is important to prevent the splitting of the nails.

Apart from the relaxing services, they also make sure that the tools they use are properly sanitizer. Clean nail cutters, pushers, files, and brushes are used for every client to avoid the risk of infection and spread of fungus or bacteria.

The nail spa has a very neural atmosphere and is kept neat and clean at all times. Their chairs are relaxing and the services offered are both affordable and of top-notch quality. These spas are a lot cheaper than their competitors.

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