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Kim’s Nail Salon is one of the top tier nail salons that was founded in 1995 and was established as a chain of salons for providing professional nail care at reasonable prices. The quality of service is commendable. After observing the success rates of the first few salons, the founders of Kim’s Nails salon decided to increase their reach and to create a widespread of their locations all over the country.

In the current situation, Kim’s Nails Salon is located in all the important cities of all the states of the United States. They have had an amazing journey and have been splendid throughout merely because of their consistent professionalism and excellence in their services. 

The services provided by Kim’s salon receives massive customer satisfaction since its quality is astounding. Thousands of people in and around North America have good-mouthed about the brand, including politicians, celebrities, and various newsmakers. 

To applaud for the salon, even more, they have been voted as the number one nails salon in York County since 2010.



The services provided by Kim’s Nail salons is loved by thousands of people. Most of Kim’s Nail salons that are spread all over the United States have differing working hours. However, the usual time of starting their day at the salon is 9 AM and they close around 9 PM during weekdays.

During weekends, since more clients are expected to visit and due to various other reasons, they open at around 8 AM and close at around 5 or 6 PM.

Kim’s nail salons strive towards helping their customers to beauty their nails. They offer a wide range of services right from basic nail care services to advanced techniques- gel nails and nail art. In addition to skillfully beautifying your nails, they offer other services too such as waxing and eyelash extensions. Kim’s Nails is a one-stop salon that provides a comprehensive pampering and beautification. 

Along with the great quality of services that it provides, they ensure the maintenance of a warm, inviting, and comfortable atmosphere for its clients with spa treatments along with other relaxation and beauty techniques. 



Kim’s Nail salons work with complete determination to meet the customer’s expectations and make them feel their best. It offers a wide range of valuable services. The salon only uses the best quality of products and the most advanced techniques available in the industry, in order to promote health, well-being, beauty, and comfort.

The staff members at Kim’s Nails salons are well-trained and highly skilled at what they do. They are also proficient at treating the customers in a very friendly manner and making them feel at home. The staff at Kim’s Nails is extremely courteous. 

When people are asked why they are fond of Kim’s Nails salon, they mention a few qualities that make this place very appealing to them.

  • Beautifying and maintain their nails in a very polished, elegant, and trendy fashion.
  • The spa treatments are quite reenergizing and quite self-indulging. 
  • It makes you look perfect for occasions like weddings, birthdays, graduation parties, etc.
  • Works great for Nail repair or reconstruction.


Along with providing commendable services using the best quality products, they only cost the customers affordable prices. All these traits make Kim’s Nails salon very appealing to the customers. 




Kim’s Nails salons provide their services at reasonable prices already. In spite of that Kim’s Nails never missed a chance of creating profitable opportunities for their lovely clients as a reward for their loyalty towards the brand. 

The offers and promotional packages for Kim’s Nails salons are without fail posted on their Official Facebook Page. Most of the offers are organized for holidays and occasions like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and New Years Eve. 

These offers are very advantageous and attract even more customers. 



Kim’s Nails salon prices for their basic services are as follows-

For Acrylic: full set costs $25+, fill-in costs $15+, nail fixing costs $3+, nail cut down with fill costs $2, nail cut down without fill in costs $2, nail shape change costs $5 and the pink & clear powder costs $3 extra.

For Gel Polish, a gel manicure costs $25, without manicure the cost is $20, a gel pedicure costs $40, without pedicure the cost is $25, gel polish on acrylic nails costs $10.

For Solar Nails, the full set costs $45+, fill in costs $20-$40+, nail fixing costs $5, nail cut down costs $2.

For Nail Art- Colors, two nails cost $5+, ten nails cost $15+, tip removal costs $10, gel color removal costs $5, polish change hand costs $7, with French polish it costs $10, toes nail polish change costs $10, with French nail polish it costs $15.

Kim’s Nails salons offer some special services too.

The manicure costs $12, the pedicure costs $25+, French/American polish costs $5, mani/Pedi costs $35, regular spa pedicure costs $30, aromatherapy costs $35, On Sen treatment costs $37. Pearl costs $40 and paraffin costs $10.

The prices for waxing services are- 

Eyebrows- $7, Upper lip- $5+, Chin- $7+, Eyelash extension- $25+.

Kim’s Nails salons offer a wide range of services and clearly at a very affordable price. 

Basic Services


Gel Polish Prices


Solar Nails Prices


Nails Colors & Arts Prices

Manicure & Pedicure Prices


Waxing Prices



In conclusion, according to the amazing reviews by critics and their customers, there absolutely no second thought about the quality of their services. They are definitely doing their job so well. The services offered are of high value with the best quality products and at a reasonable price. What more can you ask for? This place is a must-visit if you want to beautify your nails and feel really good about them!

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