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Kimble Hair Studio was established by Miss Kim Kimble who is a revered, extremely talented and famous beauty stylist in the industry. Kim Kimble founded this studio by utilizing all her recourses, just to achieve her goals. She also owns her brand named after herself, Kim Kimble. 

Miss Kimble earned her beauty license from the esteemed Universal College of Beauty in 1990. She stepped foot in this industry by being a shampoo girl for her mother. She is the proud owner of the Kimble Hair Studio.

Kimble Hair Studio is situated in Santa Monica Blvd, California, Los Angeles. The Kimble Studios is loved and in fact preferred by a lot of celebrities. Its standard is strictly maintained at a very elite level and houses expert staff and licensed hairstylists who have a ton of experience in their field.

The stylists at Kimble Studios are all very versatile and can perform various styles and techniques depending on the customer’s demands. They are highly knowledgeable and skilled at what they do.

Kimble Hair Studios provides an extensive range of services at very high quality by skilled stylists and technicians that will definitely satisfy the customer’s demands.



The Kimble Hair Studio an extensive range of services for endless personal styling requirements. Be it a casual look or a dressed-up appearance, Kimble Studio got it all- Elegant, Chic, Casual, or Romantic. Kimble Hair Studio provides excellent quality of service that is definitely performed with unparalleled expertise and the final product is always astonishing for the clients.

The wide range of services that Kimble Studios provide includes all kinds of styles matching the current trends. The Wet sets range from the Basics to Spiral sets. They also offer natural styling services such as Locks, Twists, Bantu Knots, and Corn Rows. 

In addition to these amazing services mentioned above, Kimble Studio also offers services such as Hair Color (ranging from lowlights, highlights, Brazilian Sunkiss, and Corrective Color). The Kimble Studios also offer varied styles of haircuts, right from the standard basic haircuts to the more supreme, designer haircuts. Kimble Hair Studio is also known for housing a good collection of hair restoration wigs.

They also provide hair enhancement services that involve braids and weaves. Their special set of services include Event Styling, VIP Treatment Package, Wedding Consultation, and Membership Package.



Kimble Hair Studio is not just the usual hair salon, it’s a brand, an elite class salon that gives you an experience that you would never want to forget. They are passionate about what they do and are completely determined to meet their client’s expectations no matter how high they are. They provide the client with a personalized and special consultation with a skilled and experienced veteran. This gives the client a customized suggestion and a sense of importance. 

The client is always given the utmost importance, and their service is completely focused on their specific personal demands and requirements. 



Kimble Hair Studios offer a wide range of services. Some of the services are mentioned below, however, these prices are the base prices and the actual cost of the service might relatively vary depending upon the length, density, and texture of the hair.

In Sew-Ins, Service Fee for Full length costs $650 and a Half costs $400.

In Clip-Ins, there are 8 pieces per set and they are sold per set, cut, and style.

18-26 inches Clip-Ins cost $400-$450, Service Fee (Full) costs $125.

In Clip-Ins Falls, 16-28 inches costs $400-$600, and the Service Fee (per piece) is $10.

For Pony Tails, 18-28 inches costs $265-$350, and Service Fee including Blow Dry and Style is $85.

In Micro-Loop Extensions services (set of 100 per count), 16-24 inches costs $250-$375 and the Service Fee per piece is $5.

For Closures, Small Silk Base Closure costs $250, Medium Silk Base Closure costs $350 and Large Silk Base Closure costs $450. 

For In-Stock Wigs, a Full Lace Silk Top Wig costs $850-$5000, Natural Skin Top Lace Back costs $750- $2500, Skin Top/ Machine Wafted Back costs $750-$1500, Hair Restoration Wig costs $1500- $3000, Customized Wigs cost $150 and the price for Full Customized Wigs varies. 

About Extensions, Indian Wavy (10” – 32”) costs $170- $345, Indian Curly (10”- 34”) costs $155- $345, Relaxed Texture Blend (10”- 34”) costs $155- $345, Jeri Curl (10”- 34”) costs $155- $345, Body Curl (10”- 32”) costs $155- $335) and the Malaysian Curl (12”- 30”) costs $155- $310.

These are a few from the extensively avid range of services that Kimble Hair Studio provides.

In Stock Wigs Prices

Full Lace Silk Top (Starting Price) $850.01
Natural Skin Top Lace Back (Starting Price) $750.00
Skin Top / Machine Wefted Back (Starting Price) $750.00
Hair Restoration Wig (Starting Price) $1,500.00
U Part (Starting Price) $500.01
Left Part (Starting Price) $500.01
Middle Part (Starting Price) $500.01
Right Part (Starting Price) $500.01
Customized Wigs (Starting Price) $150.00


Extension Prices

Indian Wavy (10″-32″) (Starting Price) $170.00
Indian Curly (10″-34″) (Starting Price) $155.00
Relaxed Textured Blend (10″-34″) (Starting Price) $155.00
Jeri Curl (10″-34″) (Starting Price) $155.00
Body Curl (10″-32″) (Starting Price) $155.00
Malaysian (12″-30″) (Starting Price) $155.00
Kinky Curl (10″-34″) (Starting Price) $155.00
Relaxed Texture (10″-34″) (Starting Price) $155.00
Kinky Straight (10″-34″) (Starting Price) $155.00
Afro Curl (10″-30″) (Starting Price) $155.00
Body Wave (10″-34″) (Starting Price) $155.00
Straight Relaxed Texture (10″-34″) (Starting Price) $155.00
Deep Curl (10″-34″) $155.00
Brazilian Beach Wave (12″-34″) (Starting Price) $175.00


Sew-Ins Prices

Service Fee (Full) $650.00
Service Fee (Half) $400.00

Clip-Ins & Clip-Ins Falls Prices

18″-26″ (Starting Price) $400.00
Service Fee (Cut & Style) $125.00

Tape-Ins & Pony Tail Prices

16″-26″ (Starting Price) $175.00
Service Fee (Per Piece) $10.00

Micro Loop Extensions

16″-24″ (Starting Price) $250.00
Service Fee (One Piece) $5.00

Closures Prices

Silk Base Closure (Small) $250.00
Silk Base Closure (Medium) $350.00
Silk Base Closure (Large) $450.00



The Kimble Hair Studio is an elite level studio that offers high-quality service and makes their customers awestruck. They are very particular about their work and maintain a standard of professionalism. However, they also make it a point to set a warm and welcoming environment with a friendly staff that makes their clientele feel comfortable and enjoy their experience even more. 

Kimble Studios give their customers a memorable experience at reasonable costs and they have all kinds of services and resources to meet your expectations and leave you astonished. Their customers are very fond of them and so are they about their customers. To have a wonderful experience for your hair beautification, Kimble Hair Studios is a must-visit!

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