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JCPenney salons are one of the most heard names among all the salons providing some range of affordable haircuts. It is basically an American chained departmental store with a wide range of variety. It has official merchandise which includes the Jewellery department, salon department powered by InStyle, and Sephora.

JCPenney is the name of the owner, whose full name is James Cash Penny who was born and brought up in Hamilton. He opened the store on 14th April 1902. It started it’s baby steps as a clothes and goods supplier. As of now, it has 900 operating outlets with approximately 18,000 expert stylists to enhance people’s comfort and luxury.

The best part about their outlets is that they are easily accessible. They are mostly located indoors and outdoors inside their own malls or marts. 

JCPenny Salon Prices

The price of JCPenney is not suitable for low wage earners, even, their lowest hair price begins from $18 which is absolutely not less than a value of money. It goes as high as $300.

At the same time, the name JCPenney itself is a brand that offers almost every reason to look beyond their price tag. This is probably the only haircut or salon outlet which offers haircuts along with hair treatments according to age group, and this goes beyond gender. Their services are available for men, women as well as kids.

The kid haircut price starts from $14. If one has a plan to retreat their holiday and wants to enjoy a luxury weekend they can surely look forward to JCPenney maybe just for a head massage. It also provides hair treatment at the rate of $15 which is beyond comparison. 

Haircuts Prices

Haircut & Blowdry$32 & up
Express Cut$22 & up
Clipper Cut$18 & up
Kids’ Haircut (12 and under)$14
Add Haircut to any Service$15 & up

Finishing Prices

Basic Blowout$22 & up
Ironworks$10 & up
Styling$50 & up
Shampoo & Set$26 & up
Wrap Set$26 & up

Color Prices

Single-Process$55 & up
Double-Process$80 & up
Glossing$15 & up
Temporary Color Rinse$5 & up
Corrective Color$70 & up
FHI Heat Neo$15

Color Highlight Prices

Foil$75 & up
Partial Foil$45 & up
Accent Foil$20 & up
Cap Highlight$65 & up
Dimensional Color$90 & up
Ombré$90 & up
Balayage$90 & up

Hair Treatment Prices

Moisture Loss$15
Breakage & Strength Loss$15
Color Treated$15
Dry Scalp & Dandruff$25
Dry Scalp & Dandruff$15

Straightening Service Price

HI Ultimate Blowout$150 & up
CHI Thermal Straightening$300 & up
Retouch$245 & up

Relaxer Services

Relaxer (Starting Price)$60.00
Relaxer with Haircut (Starting Price)$75.00
Relaxer with Color (Starting Price)$90.00
Relaxer with Haircut & Color (Starting Price)$105.00
Retouch up to 1″ (Starting Price)$45.00
Retouch with Haircut up to 1″ (Starting Price)$60.00

Sets & Twists

Press & Curl (Starting Price)$60.00
Shampoo Services with Two-Strang Twist (Starting Price)$60.00
Shampoo Services with Flat Twist Set (Starting Price)$60.00
Single Twist (Comb Twist) (Starting Price)$60.00
Double Twist (Two Strand) (Starting Price)$60.00
Straw Set (Starting Price)$60.00
Rod Set (Starting Price)$60.00

Perms Prices

Basic Wave (Starting Price)$60.00
Basic Wave with Haircut (Starting Price)$75.00
Specialty Wave (Starting Price)$75.00
Specialty Wave with Haircut (Starting Price)$90.00

Why Should You Choose JCPenny Salon?

Why not choose JCPenney? It has received a plethora of best reviews among all the haircut salons and spas. It is a combination of Regis and Walmarts providing almost all sorts of services, best to say as premium services. Also, salons are located inside all JCPenney stores, so it is easier for people to locate haircut salons near them.

Often customers are suggested to make their bookings if someone fails to book an appointment for some reason, they can follow the queue. It might be boring, but there is a catch to look deeper into since all the salons are inside JC Penney stores customers can also check clothing and other stuff inside the stores. Everyone who has availed JCPenney services even for once recommended it for its expert stylists and customer appraisal.

Just there is a price hike as compared to other Regis and Walmarts but JCPenney does make up for it with their premium quality of services. To help yourself further to accept JC Penney as the best recommendation and to convince yourself to avail JC Penney services, go through its services enlisted below.

Services Offered By JcPenny Salons

 JCPenney is a salon cum spa which gives hair and nail treatments to both men and women and also to kids. It is well known for its premium services. Personnel who have availed services once from JCPenney hardly prefer something over it. JC Penney’s hair correction has received several rounds of applause from a variety of reviewers. They provide hair correction to those clients who had damaged their hair by using wrong and unsuitable products for their hair.

JC Penney’s experts check and select the suitable products for their hair and also treat their hair until it is nourished almost to its original form. They have divisions of hair treatments based on client problems.

Like, they provide  Collectives Penetraitt Deep Conditioning to those clients whose hairs haven’t lost its potential wholly. This treatment focuses on providing a layer of protein structure over the scalp which nourishes and strengthens the hair quality.

In some cases of thermal treatments, some people come out unlucky as a result there is a loss of hair quality. This hair salon dedicates itself towards color correction and color restoration via Mizani Custom Blend and Dry Scalp Tonic methods.

Also some clients who need curl reformations are not abandoned from this spa. Although it serves as a cost-cutter to several people, it provides services which label beyond any comparison. Anyway, curl reformation helps people regain the elasticity of the hair. It is possible to undergo those people only who have not undergone any sort of thermal treatment in the past. This is basically provided by the JCPenney spa perms.

Beyond all these services, they also provide thermal treatments which can ensure to regain the lusciousness or wavy property of hair, in case it is lost by some means. 

Nail Care Services:

Most people with lesser amounts of creatinine have found to need nail care services. Else, there is always a segment of people who are healthy as well as fashion conscious. Those people very often undergo nail treatment. So, this haircut salon cum spa, JCPenney is one of the best places to avail of nail care treatments. This had been proved by the plethora of positive reviews it had received in its whole business tenure to date.

Their services are nail restoration, embellishment, and also for those who undergo nail breakage more often. Apart from hair and nail treatment, JCPenney salon cum spa does also has a segment that provides massage to people. So, on a weekend or any day when someone wants to relax apart from binge-watching JCPenney is a good place to give a lookout. It will serve well for your physical health and also rejoice your mental health.

JCPenney Salon Timings

Salon hours do also demand some rounds of applause. They have put on their hard work and dedication to such a measure that they are available every day of the week. So, this confirms a perfect solution for your weekend. For best prices and special offers, discounts and coupons try checking out their official website.

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