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People have always wanted to be able to influence the way they look. This is not something new as such. People with darker skin have always wanted to be fairer and the ones who are fair want to get darker. This tendency that runs common in most of the population because of the things that have been ingrained in our minds by society is what has given rise to the beauty industry. One of the sectors of the beauty industry that never goes out of Vogue is the tanning industry.

Getting a tan is as easy as laying in the sun on a vacation somewhere. Things aren’t all that easy though. Maybe you don’t have the resources to spend on an extravagant vacation, maybe you can’t find the time out of your busy schedule to get one. Whatever the reason, it’s not the only way you can get a tan. Tanning salons are the answer to your hopes of having exotic crisp tan skin.

Getting tanned on the beach is something quite plain. That is how most people get their tan. There’s just something about getting tanned on an island though; something that can’t be matched by any beach out there. That’s precisely the experience Island Sun Tanning aims to give you.

You are given the experience of being on a beach while getting tanned by state-of-the-art equipment at Island Sun Tanning. The booths here are 10 times the UVA with less than 2% of UV rays in actuality. This means that you can get your tan without being worried about getting burnt or sun spots while you’re at it.

Island Sun Tanning is a locally owned and operated tanning salon established in South Jersey in the year 1987. This salon maintained the track record of being the leading tan salon in Garden state for more than two decades. Their booths will cost you less than those at a lot of other competing salons without having to compromise when it comes to quality.



As promised, Island Sun tanning has the best tanning rates out there. A single Spray tan session only costs $35. You can get a monthly spray tan plan for $10 after which the monthly spray tan session costs $8.75. The Bed tanning sessions also cost a minimal starting at $35 same as the spray tan. The monthly bed tanning plan will cost you $39 which is as high as the prices can go.


Spray Tanning Prices

Spray Tan Session $35.00
Monthly Spray Tan Plan $10.00
Monthly Spray Tan Session $8.75

Bed Tanning Prices

Bed Tanning Session $35.00
Monthly Bed Tanning Plan $39.00


Island Sun Tanning brings to you the Infrared Body Wraps. This is a technique that accelerates weight loss by skin detoxification while relieving muscle tension and acting as a reliever for those with arthritis. The basic principle behind these wraps is that forces your body to use all the fat it has stored to burn between 1200 to 1400 calories per treatment. They work threefold by improving your skin texture and tone, helping you lose weight and cellulite and help relieve pain in the joints and muscles.

The Infrared Body Wraps use a subatomic infrared system as a barrier cream that makes sweating difficult and hence pushing perspiration through your body to increase your body’s resting metabolism. This not only helps you burn calories while the session is going on but even after the session. Moreover, all your body organs will function much better because of the increased circulation in your body.

Island Sun Tanning also has the perfect solution for skin aging. Nobody wants to grow old; though you can’t help aging, you definitely can help to look like you haven’t aged at all with the Red Light Therapy. This treatment encourages the growth of collagen in your tissues to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, and other skin problems like rosacea and acne.

The red line light used in this treatment is completely harmless as well since it doesn’t use UV and nor does it involve downtime or healing period that are a part and parcel with treatments like laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, or chemical peels.

Island Sun serves its main purpose by making available high-quality tanning beds to help you get that tan way before summer. The belief here is that controlled UV exposure is actually beneficial for the skin since it helps the body produce vitamin D. To add to it, their tanning beds are considered to be a class 1 medical device.

They also have provisions for sunless skin tanning that is suitable for all skin types. This is sure to give you a natural-looking tan within 60 seconds. This spray lets you stay completely away from UV light while giving you a smooth, golden tan at the same time that lasts for about a week.

Through the use of BleachBright, a teeth whitening solution manufactured as a gel by technology that precisely calibrates the emission of blue light from LED lighting systems to give you perfect pearl-like whites to go along with your tan to complete your look. This process doesn’t take more than 15 to 20 minutes.

Island Sun Tanning also brings to you revolutionary tan technology: The Norvell Auto Revolution. This uses iNTELLiSPRAY that Haas been formulated with built-in xLaTan. It also has a height sensing technology that uses height sensors to determine the time for a specific tanning session based on the client’s height. The ran also dries almost completely.

The heat-activated your DHA without the need to move because the revolution continues to move even if you stay put. It also has voice commands for the session using the two-position spray. Apart from giving you a tan, this treatment also hydrates and firms your skin.

The salon uses advanced and high-quality instruments to carry out the tanning process. They have equipment from the Ergoline series like Prestige 1100, Open Sun 1050, Affinity 800, Passion, Sunrise 480, Sun Dash Radius and Ambition to make your visit and your experience worthwhile with quality services. All these are sure to give you the island experience you are looking for.


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