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Starting out as, Hollywood Tans Group LLC, today Hollywood Tans is a chain of salons specializing in indoor tanning. From the highly structured organization that it used to be once, which was pretty ardent in its ways and stuck to a particular module of services throughout all its branches has now, become a very flexible franchise.

The services vary from location to location now because of the concept put into action by CEO and president Lewis Sender that not all salons need to have the same kind of services because of the varying preferences of the customers from different places.

The chain that has been popular for quite a while already saw a boom in its clientele about three years ago when Hollywood Tans decided to get celebrities to be so-called “Tan-ambassadors” who were meant to shine a light on the franchise by acting as spokesperson and representatives for the firm. These celebrities included 2002 playboy Playmate of the Year Dalene Kurtis, the gymnast gold medal winner at the pan American games in 2011 Brandon Wynn, and international go-go dancer Maya Michelle Few.

Shender’s vision was based on the idea that the celebrities would exemplify their individuality and portray why different people would want to go to Hollywood Tans like for confidence while being photographed, to look pretty while going on the road, or to compliment your competitive edge in the case of the trio.

The three successfully added significantly to the company’s revenue of $60 mil. Today, Hollywood Tans has more than 140 salons owned and operated independently selling exclusively the company’s products.



The services at Hollywood Tans aim to satisfy your tanning needs without burning a hole in your wallet. The prices at which these services are offered, you will find, are quite reasonable. The packages available at Hollywood Tans are of four types for each kind of service; that is, 1 tan, 5 tans, 10 tans, and 20 tans. The HT42 variant starts at $8 and is $32, $56 for the substituent packages leading to $80 for 20 tans. The better HT54 variant starts at $13 and goes up to $130. The HT60 brakes it up a notch higher by ranging from $17 to $170.

The cost of high pressure is between $22 and $220. There are also packages available on a weekly and monthly basis for the above-mentioned services. The UV free instant tans can cost you anywhere between $25 to $330 for 20 tans. You can also choose to get a membership to get a discount on all these prices while getting special offers as an added bonus.


Individual Tan Prices

HT42 (1 tan) $8.00
HT42 (5 tans) $32.00
HT42 (10 tans) $56.00
HT42 (20 tans) $80.00
HT54 (1 tan) $13.00
HT54 (5 tans) $52.00
HT54 (10 tans) $91.00
HT54 (20 tans) $130.00
HT60 (1 tan) $17.00
HT60 (5 tans) $68.00
HT60 (10 tans) $119.00
HT60 (20 tans) $170.00
High Pressure (1 tan) $22.00
High Pressure (5 tans) $88.00
High Pressure (10 tans) $154.00
High Pressure (20 tans) $220.00
Premier (1 tan) $27.00
Premier (5 tans) $108.00
Premier (10 tans) $189.00
Premier (20 tans) $270.00

Monthly Tan

HT42 (2 weeks) $19.50
HT42 (1 month) $39.00
HT42 (3 months) $99.00
HT42 (6 months) $149.00
HT42 (1 year) $249.00
HT52 (2 weeks) $29.50
HT52 (1 month) $59.00
HT52 (3 months) $156.00
HT52 (6 months) $234.00
HT52 (1 year) $390.00
HT60 (2 weeks) $39.50
HT60 (1 month) $79.00
HT60 (3 months) $196.00
HT60 (6 months) $294.00
HT60 (1 year) $490.00
High Pressure (2 weeks) $49.50
High Pressure (1 month) $99.00
High Pressure (3 months) $236.00
High Pressure (6 months) $354.00
High Pressure (1 year) $590.00
Premier (2 weeks) $59.50
Premier (1 month) $119.00
Premier (3 months) $276.00
Premier (6 months) $414.00
Premier (1 year) $690.00


UV- Free Tans (Instant)

1 Tan $25.00
5 Tans $105.00
10 Tans $185.00
20 Tans $330.00



Hollywood Tan’s house revolutionary technology for all your tanning needs. They have stand-up tanning beds instead of the conventional lay-in variety. This is a great step towards making tanning beds more hygienic. You no longer have to lay at the same place where multiple people have laid and quite possibly even sweat before you.

Moreover, their tanning process does not include the use of ultraviolet (UV) rays of any kind which could result in many skin related problems like skin aging and even possibly skin cancer. Their Instant Tan is powered by Mystic Tan, a spray that sprays your body with essential moisturizers and top of the line bronze to result in an even natural-looking tan.

Mystic Tan comes in four different kinds: First, there’s the building glow that gives slight color to achieve a hint of tan. It is followed by Build Light which is one to three shades darker for a medium effect. Next is the Build medium which is two to four shades darker than the natural skin for those with medium to dark skin and Builds Dark for medium-dark to dark skin.

They also accommodate options like a fast tan than is longer lasting with HT High-Pressure Booth. This booth uses a filter that blocks out most of the UV rays to speed up and get you a longer-lasting tan. 11-15 minutes is the maximum time you’ll have to spend in this booth for results.

The HT60 is the best out of the line of booths at Hollywood Tans. It’s the fastest taking only eight minutes and 3-4 sessions and also extremely safe with a mere 2% of UV light the lower variants are the HT54 with a 10-minute standing time taking 4-5 sessions and the HT42 taking 5-6 sessions.



The key to maintaining any in-salon tan is the aftercare. It is important to keep your skin hydrated and supple after the tan. Hollywood Tans offers a line of indoor tanning products that help you maximize your tan by delivering essential nutrients to your skin.

The lotions are of five different kinds. The first is the maximizer that stimulates melanin production since melanin is what gives your skin a darker color. Next is the bronzer that colors your skin with DHA based cosmetic bronzers that develop a darker tone in about 4 to 6 hours. The bronzers are constituted of ingredients like caramel, walnut extract, and riboflavin.

Then there’s the body blush that increases oxygenation of the skin which can be seen by the reddening of the skin. This helps blood flow for maximum melanin production. Lastly, the sled tanner is an instant tanner that comes in handy during emergencies. It bronzes the skin within 3-4 hours of application without UV exposure.



It’s wide range of state-of-the-art equipment that use some top-notch technology to give you the best possible experience while at Hollywood Tans is what makes it such a game-changer in its line of the field. The sanitary conditions are taken very seriously at Hollywood Tans which is a huge assurance when it comes to health and safety.

Each and every salon that’s a part of the franchise strives to provide exceptional services to their clientele and building personal relationships to make the clientele last much longer than just a visit. The staff is very professional yet warm and welcoming. You can rest assured that they are there to assist and consult you when it comes to anything that is troubling you.


Hollywood Tan Membership Prices

HT42 $24.99
HT54 $38.99
HT60 $48.99
High Pressure $58.99
Premier $68.99

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