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Everyone loves to look their best, there are occasions that call for an easygoing, casual, natural look whereas sometimes dressing up and being fancy is required. No matter what styles you desire, be it casual or dressed up, Holiday Hair is the best place for either of these and anything in between. Holiday Hair manages to flawlessly make you beautiful and revamped with a prefect hair makeover that was longing for. 

Holiday Hair was established about 35 years ago in Pennsylvania. The brand was founded and maneuvered by Ray Holland. Holiday Hair witnessed early success as a mere gift and the chain grew to have 153 amazing salons. 

Holiday Hair is currently one of the best and the leading franchise salon by the renowned, esteemed Regis Corporation, which is the greatest tycoon in the hair industry. Holiday Hair accommodates a fine assortment of the best quality styling and finishing products, from prominent international hair care brands such as Redken. Paul Mitchell, Matrix, and American Crew are some of the brands.



Holiday Hair houses quality stylists and technicians who run premium, accurately understand your desired styles, and the task at hand. These stylists can perform a wide range of services such as weaving silk out of your hair, accurate haircuts, or applying rich, golden highlights that perfectly match your expectations.

They offer an extensive range of services such as-

Haircuts that are up to date with the latest trends in the hair fashion industry. Hair color, be it blonde or brown or red or orange, Holiday Hair never falls short of amusing you with their service. Highlighting your hair adds a stylish appearance to your regular natural look, so if you think your hair has become dull, not so quirky this is the correct cue to highlight your hair with some vibrant, golden highlights to get back quirky in you.

You can choose any color, as per your choice for highlights, and Holiday Hair will have it covered for you. If you are wishing for some new, trendy curls, Holiday Hair is the perfect destination to do something different and get a set of perfect, new curls.

Holiday Hair selectively offers Relaxers that help you straighten and manage your hair even better. Bang and Beard Trims are like a quick fix service if your band have become intruding or that gruff of a beard needs a refreshing touch-up to go back to looking perfect again.

Holiday Hair is a good place to pamper your hair with those conditioning treatments, if your hair seems to have become dull and lifeless, restore your hair’s natural beautiful gleam with a keratin-heavy and protein based natural hair treatment.

This will definitely add life to your currently dull strands and make them shiny and healthy again. Holiday Hair also, offers Facial Waxing services that helps you eliminate all the unwanted hair and get a smooth, hairless skin for several weeks. 

The services at Holiday Hair are quite extensive in rage and are not at all compromised for. Be it any service that you wish to have, Holiday Hair has gladly included it for you in their overall package and their determined and talented expert stylists are eager to do it for you. You will surely be in awe of the results. 



Holiday Hair along with offering an elaborate range of services, also makes sure of maintaining a standard of providing high-quality services. If you have certain demands for a stylist, he will surely meet them for you. If you are a little unsure of the haircut you want, or if a certain style will suit you, an expert stylist at Holiday Hair will skillfully and gladly asses the optimal hairstyle for you, and they have the ability to do that quite accurately. To suggest an optimal hairstyle the stylist focuses on to main features- hair texture and face shape.

Holiday Hair houses quality stylists who understand your demands and make sure to meet them as accurately as possible. The stylists are very patient in listening to your demands and requests and work in unison with determination to bring out a flawless final product for you. These stylists have varying expertise and specialties making Holiday Hair the most versatile salon. 

Holiday Hair stylists ate honest to their work and will tell you if a certain style is suitable for you or not before you take the final call. They will also suggest you on how to use the best hair products that are suitable for your hair type, such as hair-moisturizers, hair gels, finishers.

Its not just about the high quality of services that they provide, but they also consider the customers value for time. If you do not a lot of time on your hand to fulfill your beauty desires, then mention it to the stylists at Holiday Hair and they will find a solution for you.

Holiday Hair is an apt destination to get beautified and revamped as per your demands and expectations.



Holiday Hair offers high quality services at very reasonable prices which makes it very economically appealing to customers.

An adult haircut costs $16, a Children’s haircut costs $12, a Bang trim costs $5, Hair coloring costs $45, highlights cost $50, updos cost $45, blowout costs $14, hair straightening- Keratin Treatment costs $10, perming costs $50, and waxing costs $10.  


Haircuts Prices

Adult Haircut (Regular Stylist, Includes shampoo, and style.) $20.00
Adult Haircut (Designer Stylist, Includes shampoo and style.) $22.00
Kid’s Haircut (Regular Stylist, 12 and under.) $12.00
Kid’s Haircut (Designer Stylist, 12 and under.) $14.00


Color Service Price

Shampoo and Style (Regular Stylist) $12.00 & up
Shampoo and Style (Designer Stylist) $14.00 & up
Specialty Style (Regular Stylist) $20.00 & up
Specialty Style (Designer Stylist) $22.00 & up
Color (Regular Stylist) $45.00 & up
Color (Designer Stylist) $47.00 & up
Haircut Add-on

With any color or perm service.
Highlights (Regular Stylist) $55.00 & up
Highlights (Designer Stylist) $57.00 & up
Perm (Regular Stylist) $50.00 & up
Perm (Designer Stylist) $52.00 & up
Relaxer (Regular Stylist) $50.00 & up
Relaxer (Designer Stylist) $52.00 & up
Updos $45.00 & up
Hair Straightening (Keratin Treatment) $10.00
Blowout $14.00


Other Services Prices

Facial Waxing $10.00
Bang Trim $5.00
Appointment Charge $5.00


Holiday Hair Salon Working Hours

Monday 8:00am – 8:00pm
Tuesday 8:00am – 8:00pm
Wednesday 8:00am – 8:00pm
Thursday 8:00am – 8:00pm
Friday 8:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday 8:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday 10:00am – 4:00pm


Holiday Hair is extremely appreciated and loved by all its clients, since their demands are very well taken care of. The stylists make the atmosphere so warm and comfortable, that highlights the goodness of the whole experience.

Good quality service by expert stylists and at reasonable prices is definitely a plus. Your demands and requests will surely be taken care of and you will be astonished at how flawless, and amazing the final product is. So go to Holiday Hair with your demands ready, and the team of stylists will work to make it come true!

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