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The brand Hairmasters Salon is a very influential and progressive brand that has established itself in the hair industry and successfully runs 348 salon locations in the States. The franchising and expansion of the company were immensely triggered due to the rapid success in the mere early stages.

Hairmasters can attest and attribute their own legacy which makes it a tribute in itself for the popularly loved brand. The quality of hair care service that they provide is commendable and the staff if quite amicable. Through years of working towards achieving success for the brand, it has become respected, revered, and loved by all brands. 

Hairmasters is owned by the esteemed brand Regis Corporation which is the largest tycoon in the hair industry and owns around 11,000 hair salons all over the world. Even in the Regis’ never-ending roster, the Hairmasters brand seems to have taken over the competition of the highest/ best customer retention ratio.

Hairmasters Salon provides an extensive range of services for men, women, and children with apt consistency for all age groups, all at reasonable prices. The standard and quality of services that they have created and maintained are absolutely commendable.

They sustain a perfect balance between professionalism and amicableness. They are strictly super professional when it comes to delivering their services on point and have an extremely amicable staff that create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in order to make the customers feel very comfortable. 



Hairmasters salon offers an extensive range of services, from hair cutting, styling, and trimming to perming, coloring, and relaxing. It is astonishing for the client to know that all their requests and demands would be surely covered in the Hairmasters package. In spite of having a plethora of services, they offer some additional services such as beard trimming, waxing, bang trimming, and conditioning.

They also have special services for children which are also in varied range and the quality remains consistent irrespective of who they are being implemented to. 

The stylists at Hairmasters are so skilled and talented that no matter what style the clients ask for, they make it a point to meet their expectations to the best of their efforts and the final product always leaves them in awe of the new look. Irrespective of whether you want straight hair or curly hair, Hairmasters got it all covered. At Hairmasters they administer curling and ironing for clientele in the best possible manner. 

All of the Hairmasters locations house all the approved, safe and effective equipment that is of the best quality and caters to the customers’ demands well. They have patented hair formulations that they use in order to achieve a final product that leaves their clientele completely astonished. 

Hairmasters has an extremely skilled professional staff that will efficiently ad accurately cater to all the clients’ demands.



Hairmasters Salon offers an extensive range of services. Those services are all of a respectable quality that always satisfies the customer’s demands. The Salon offers all its services at a reasonable rate which is definitely a plus and appeals to the customers very well. 

Here are a few services along with their prices, amongst the surfeit of services that Hairmasters Salon offers-

Press costs $45, Blow Dry Curl costs $45, Relaxer costs $55, the first Extension costs $20 and after the first extension it costs $10, Hair Color costs $20, Hair Conditioning is free of cost, and Hair Trimming costs $10.

Haircut Prices

Adult Haircut (w/ Shampoo) $20.00
Adult Haircut (w/ Shampoo & Style) $26.00 & up
Kids Haircut (12 & under) $13.00

Other Services

Perms $55.00 & up
Color $50.00 & up
Highlights (Cap) $60.00 & up
Highlights (Foil) $80.00 & up
Waxing $12.00 & up
Conditioning Treatment $3.00 & up



Soon after you are overwhelmed by receiving the final product of the service that you asked for, it is necessary to add some hair products in order to maintain your hair quality. Right after your appointment, to keep your hair consistently good-looking just like it does soon after the appointment, certain salon-only haircare products of some brands must be added to your daily hair care routine.  

These specific brands and their products are chosen by salons since they are more efficient and of a way better quality than the cheaper local products that are available in a local store. These particular brands are reliable and promise a sure shot positive outcome, such as Sexy Hair products for adding volume to your hair or “It’s a 10” products for making your hair smooth.

There are brands such as Paul Mitchell, Kenra, Biolage, Redken, Biosilk, and TIGI. that offer an extensive range of good quality products right from shampoos and conditioners to regular-use styling and texturing products that will definitely work well for your hair. For salon styling tools also, there are specific recommended brands that provide a good range of styling equipment.

Farouk and a few other top brands have styling tools such as straightener, curlers, and even tools to brush your hair to beautify them.

The brands mentioned above are without a doubt fantastic but might be a little over the budget but if you are looking for brands that consider value for money and are pocket-friendly, there is a brand by HairMasters that is named as DesignLine which has its products available at all the branded salons under the Regis Corporation nationwide. DesignLine has products and tools for both, men as well as women.



Hairmasters Salon has a plethora of services that are performed by extremely skilled professionals who are experts in their specific fields. They are very particular about the professionalism that they maintain with respect to their services. However, professionalism does not tamper with the warm and welcoming environment that they create in the Salon to make their clients feel comfortable and at home.

Hairmasters houses an extremely amicable staff that maintains good relations with the customers in addition to providing a commendable service. Their customers who have experienced their services, choose to visit time and again and are appreciative of the services they provide. 



Day Hours
Monday 9:00am – 8:00pm
Tuesday 9:00am – 8:00pm
Wednesday 9:00am – 8:00pm
Thursday 9:00am – 8:00pm
Friday 9:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday 9:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday 10:00am – 6:00pm


HairMasters Salon is a brand that is very well-known and loved by all its clients. They provide a very high standard of service while consistently maintaining their professionalism towards their customers but also having a warm and comfortable environment to make them feel at home. What makes them even more appealing are the reasonable prices that they provide their services at.

With their skilled and professionally trained staff, your experience at HairMasters is made just perfect. To get your hair done and get yourself completely beautified, at reasonable prices with an amazing ambiance, HairMasters is the right place for you, do visit!

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