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Hair Cuttery is a chained unisex hair salon cum beauty spa based on the United States. It was founded by Dennis and Ann Ratner in 1974. It now has 850 salons with 12,000 associates in 16 states. Like all other salons, it provides almost all hair designing services within the affordable range. They have quite a price range which starts minimally from $18 and goes higher.

Hair Cuttery handles are available online across various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and they also have a mobile app through which you can book and track all of your appointments and get updated with all the latest trends and designs. They prefer pre bookings mostly for the convenience of customers. If anybody fails to do that for some reason, they can follow the age old process of going through the queue.

Hair Cuttery offers various kinds of products to choose from, one can buy anytime by walking-into any of the salons or order it online and get it delivered to their doorsteps. They also help you find your perfect style so that you always groom in the best way possible and look amazing in every outfit.

One can also order gift cards and gift them to their friends and family to enjoy the amazing experience at Hair Cuttery. Client experience is one of the most important factors Hair Cuterry always cares upon and so they have a special team at every salon to take care of all the suggestions and complaints.

Hair cuttery salon prices

Why Choose Hair Cuttery?

Hair Cuttery provides excellent service to the customers. You’ll get the amazing hair treatment for your hair and they provide all-in-one treatment for your hair. They provide a wide range of services and care for hair to choose from.

In 1973, Dennis and Ann, a newlywed couple decided to offer people a kind of salon where they can just walk-in and get service at any time without even needing an appointment. They thought of a kind of service where one can walk-in with family at any time and get all-round salon treatment for a less cost. In 1974, they opened their first store in West Springfield, VA and never had to look back since then.

Hair Cuttery takes your feedback very seriously. If you are unhappy regarding any salon experience you can take up the matter with the Salon Leader and if you are still unhappy with the resolution provided, you can escalate the issue with the District Leader and they will get back to you within 3 business day(s).

They do also have a donation service called ‘Share-a-haircut’ through which we donate your hair to those in need. You can visit there with all your family members and have an amazing time.

They have an amazing team which consists of designers, senior designers and master designers who will take care of all the needs and requirements you have. Hair Cuttery takes care of all the healthy cleanliness measures so you need to worry about nothing.

Hair Cuttery Prices & Services

Hair Cuttery offers various services for men, women and kids. Hair Cuttery never charges any cancellation or reschedule charges if you plan to cancel or reschedule. You can change, track and cancel your appointments through their mobile app or by contacting the Salon professional. You can check-in online anytime using the guest login page.

The locations of Hair Cuttery are not franchised and they serve about 15 million people a year. They have complete serviceable salons with services for any type of hair.

They have value added packages which offer great services packed together at a less price to help the client get amazing experience there. From a small chemical treatment to VIP treatment which includes haircut, massage, shampoo and drying; from soft hair treatments to full blown chemist treatments they have everything.

They also offer premium quality waxing services which covers face, fore-arms and hands. They have a men exclusive gray blending treatment too. For children, who are eight years and younger can get discounts on most products and services.

The most important categories a salon covers are cut and style, all-in-round treatments, colour and waxing. Hair Cuttery offers premium quality services in each of those categories. Cut and style services include haircut for all(adults and children), drying and designs.

All cutting and styling services are done by professionals which include pre-service such as shampoo. Extra services are there which can be opted and are often discounted if taken with a package that includes beard, trimming of the neckline, ironing. Various add-ons can also be requested such as highlights(partial and full-blown), supplementary beauty treatment, and corrective coloring.

Most of the hair treatments include a special relaxing and straightening for all kinds of waves. There are a lot of services to choose from which ranges across various categories. For such great services and care quality, one will surely visit again and again.

Haircut Services

Shampoo & Cut (adult)$18
Shampoo & Cut (8 and under)$12
Shampoo, Cut, & Blowdry$25
Shampoo & Blowdry$17
Shampoo & Blowdry Straightening$27
Shampoo & Basic Set$17
Shampoo & Designer Set$37 & up
Special Occasion Design$30 & up
Beard/Bang/Neckline Trim$5
Iron Finish (add-on)$7
Iron Set (add-on)$12

Color Services

Single Application Color$52
Partial Highlights$52
Full Highlights$80
Additional Color$20

Waxing Services

Eyebrows or Partial Facial$10
Complete Facial$25
Between the Brows$5
Back of the Neck$12

Treatment Services

Relaxer/Straightener Full$75
Relaxer/Straightener Retouch$53
Relaxer/Straightener Partial$40
Curl – Permanent Wave$48
Curl – Designer Perm Wrap$60
ETC – Redken® Customized Treatments$11
ETC – Clarifying Treatment$15

Value Packages

Style Express$32
Color Camo For Men$48
City Lights$105
Double Dimension With Full Highlights$157
Double Dimension With Partial Highlights$127
Straighten Up$100
Color Escape$77
Shape Up$42
Touch of Color$77
Wound Up$73

Hair Cuttery Salon Timings

Hair Cuttery has very flexible and convenient store timings situated across various cities. They are available for 7 days a week and are present in most of the locations and most probably covers your neighbourhood too. Little variations of store timings can be observed in different stores due to the geo-location.

Feel free to inquire about the exact timings from the local salon leader in-case you have any doubts.Once, you visit there and get a hang of their amazing service, you will be more than happy to come back again and again.

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