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What was first started as a low-priced, family-oriented salon by Bud Cowan in the year 1980. From a single salon in London, Ontario to a franchise with salons at over 400 locations throughout Canada and the US and with a sales of $3 billion in the year 2007 itself, First Choice Haircutters has come a long way in establishing themselves in the market and making a name for themselves.

After 20 years of standing on its own, First Choice Haircutters was purchased by the Regis Corporation in October 2000. It has since then been a subsidiary of the Regis Corporation; same as others like itself, namely: Supercuts, Vidal Sassoon, Cost Cutters, and SmartStyle. The company headquarters are located in Regis Corporation’s home office in Minneapolis ever since.



In the year 1992, what began as a single hair salon, has grown to become a multi-billion dollar corporation aiming to help people turn into the best version of themselves. Initially established as Kunin Beauty Salon by Paul and Florence Kunin over 90 years ago, expanded in a flash and turned into a chain of salons located in department stores.

Over the years, Regis Corporation expanded and started acquiring street locations hence, becoming a major force in franchising. This increase in business was followed by numerous acquisitions as the company continues to expand in the US, Canada, and the UK. Today Regis Corporation stands to be a leading brand in beauty salons and cosmetology education. The company holds interests or own franchises in about 8000 locations.


First Choice Haircutters have a long list of services they offer. They aim to operate full service and offer affordable care for men women and kids. From haircuts and trims to coloring, waxing all kinds of service are provided with just as much professionalism as the other.

Out of the hundreds of different ways that you can get your hair cut in, the professional stylists at First Choice Haircutters will help you choose a style that you can incorporate in your daily life pretty easily. They help you get something that you’re comfortable with but at the same time something that helps you stand out in a crowd. All their haircuts are up-to-date and trendy and keep changing with changing fads.

You can simply get a haircut or you can add a shampoo service to it cause there’s nothing like getting your hair shampooed at a salon; they’re hands down the best at it. You can either choose to rock a basic style or go all in and get full styled using a number of different tools and techniques to give your haircut that edge it needs.

You can bring in your kids and get then the kids cut that is for children below the slave of 12. Sometimes you don’t need a full-blown hair cut but just a trim, First Choice Haircutters understand your needs and charge you accordingly instead of you having to pay for an entire haircut.

Coloring your hair is supposed to be a statement you make. First Choice Haircutters gives you the complete package to choose from. Of you don’t want to color your hair completely, you can choose to get highlights. What’s truly commendable with First Choice Haircutters is that you have a number of options with this too. You can get mini highlights (1-5 foils) for just a subtle change, a partial highlight (6-15 foils) for a slightly less subtle and noticeable change or you can go full (16+ foils) and make that bold statement with highlights and lowlights.

You can also opt to get your hair colored using a cap. If highlights are not your thing you can go for all-over color. You can get a permanent color to either to go lighter or darker than the shade you color naturally is or you can go semi-permanent if you aren’t totally ready to make a long-term commitment with the color you choose. If you’re one to take risks you can also opt to get dimensional color, multiple colors, ombre/somber, balayage block color, color melt, and a lot more other trendy color techniques. Or you can just play it safe and cover up your Grey’s with a shade that matches your hair.

Altering your hair texture is another option at First Choice Haircutters. You can get blowouts to de-frizz your hair and make it voluminous and shiny. They also provide services like perms to create waxes or curls in your hair or relaxers to take the curls away from your hair and make them straighter and smoother or re-texturizing to restructure your curls the way you want them to. This also reduces fuzz. They also style your hair for special occasions including braids, chignon, french twists, or any other style you want.

Waxing is another option available at First Choice Haircutters. You can get your brows waxed or get a facial wax around the lip and chin. A lot of men’s services like haircuts, beard and mustache trim, grey blending, and a lot more are also made an option. Lastly, you can get deep conditioning treatments like basic conditioning, specialty conditioning, or Malibu to moisturize your hair and make them smoother and stronger.



This is the place to go to if you’re tired of bland and uninspired salons and are looking for something with a little more lively. First Choice Haircutters is a salon where you can find the nicest staff ever. They are really warm and understand your needs and do justice to whatever they do. They also have a way with kids and you can count on them to take care of your kid who’s fussy or anxious about their first hair cut.

You can also be expected to treat with the same patience and care when at First Choice Haircutters. The salon is a walk-in so you don’t have to worry about getting an appointment or anything. Despite going as big as it did, all the outlets of this salon still maintain the homely vibes while looking sharp and aesthetic vat the same time.

You can rest assured that you are in extremely talented and well-trained hands and that you’ll be given the best service possible. You are sure to leave immensely satisfied every time you walk out the door.



To completely seal the deal, their services are offered with more than generously affordable prices. You are sure to be thrilled by the quality of the services you get at the price you get them.

For an adult costs $18.95 leading up to $22.95 when you add shampoo to it and further to $31.95 and above if you’re going for the complete services. For kids and seniors, the prices are $14.95, $18.95 and $26.95 and above for the same. Hair coloring costs a minimum of $47.95 while highlights are a minimum of $57.95. all the other hair services are prices by consultation because of the varying lengths of hair.

Adult Haircut Prices

Haircut $18.95
Shampoo & Cut $22.95
Complete Service $31.95 and up


Kids Haircut Prices (Under 12 Years)

Haircut $14.95
Shampoo & Cut $18.95
Complete Service $27.95 and up

Senior Haircut Prices

Haircut $14.95
Shampoo & Cut $18.95
Complete Service $27.95 and up


Other Services

Shampoo & Style/Finish By Consultation
Hair coloring $47.95 and up
Highlighting $57.95 and up
Foils By Consultation
Conditioning Perm (short) $64.95 and up

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