Fiesta Hair Salon Prices, Hours and Locations

Fiesta Hair salon is a widely loved beauty franchise group that is owned and operated by the very renowned brand, Regis Corporation. Since Fiesta Salon is a part of Regis Corporation, it has developed and maintained a very esteemed reputation for provided the best quality services in the industry. 

Fiesta salon started their business as a single store that was established by Phyliss Jones and late husband Clayton Jones in 1973, and they have managed to become a powerhouse in the salon industry today. They have been striving in this industry for over 40 years and are still quite determined in working towards meeting with the expectations regarding the everchanging beauty trends and increasing the competition. Because of the amazing services they provide. They receive immense support from their loyal customers and are doing really well in the business. 

Fiesta Hair has worked very hard to earn its place in the industry, it has experienced such an immense amount of success due to its inclination to meet their client’s demand as efficiently as possible. Its because these efforts that they put in, make them appealing and their customers good-mouth about them which works for their publicity and that is how they have established newer branches. 

They started the brand in the Midwest, and now they operate in 5 different states- Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, and Indiana. Regis Corporation has made its magnificent acquirement of Fiesta Salon in 2007. 

In spite of being in this industry for over 40 years now, they have still managed to maintain their standards about their treatment towards their beloved clientele. They provide superior quality services and maintain their standards. Till today, there is a bizarre number of over 240 branches on stand-by who are eager to take extra efforts for any of their clients, be it the frequent clients or the first-timers. There are plans that are being structured to expand the Fiesta Salon chain by Regis Corporation.



Fiesta Salon offers a very extensive range of services, all of a very high-quality, that is under the discussion of expansion at any time. From basic services like shampoo, blow-dry, hair cutting to hair treatments such as deep conditioning, perming, and texturizing. It takes the expectations and desires of ordinary customers and turns them into extraordinary results and makes them feel so good about themselves. 

In addition to that, they also offer other services such as hair coloring, highlighting, and all of the recent most, quirkiest trends too. They are not just focused on adults, but they offer exclusive haircuts for children making themselves a family salon. They also have hair removal services like facial waxing. For people who are inclined towards having a bronze, tanned skin tone, are welcomed here since they also provide tanning services. 

Clients are given the liberty to either purchase a single session or an entire package, whatever is more convenient for them. 

Along with delivering such an extensive range of services and the prodigious hair care products and brands that are for sale, they also have gift cards available for purchase. Who wouldn’t love a gift card of such an amazing place? It definitely is an amazing gift.



Fiesta salons offer an extensive range of services at very reasonable prices. They have single sessions as well as packages, and the client can choose what works best for them. They are a family salon and offer services desired by the entire family.

For Haircuts, the Men’s haircut costs around $16, the Women’s haircut also costs around $16, and the Children’s haircut costs around $11.

These are the basic prices and in case any other service is asked for in addition, supplementary charges may be added.

Apart from haircut services, there are other services too. 

Hair coloring costs around $49.50, blowout costs $16, perm costs $46.

Fiesta salons offer tanning and waxing services, which is why they are known for offering such a wide range of services.

A tanning bed session costs $4.99, a monthly tanning bed package costs $45, and waxing costs $12.

Haircuts Prices

Men’s Haircut $16.00
Women’s Haircut $16.00
Children’s Haircut $11.00

Other Services

Hair Coloring $49.50
Blowout $16.00
Perm $46.00


Tanning Bed Session $4.99
Monthly Tanning Bed Package $45.00
Waxing $12.00



Fiesta Hair salon is really difficult to criticize. With the kind of service that it provides and the way it maintains its relations with the clients, it’s astonishing. Irrespective of which branch of the salon you are visiting, you are bound to receive a very warm, comfortable, and flawless service. Fiesta salon being the powerhouse that it is, provides top-notch services.

What makes it even more appealing is the reasonable pricing that it has. In spite of getting an undeniably great service, the prices are extremely reasonable and affordable. The staff at the Fiesta salon is so skilled at efficient at what they do, no matter what kind of haircut or style you ask for, they will meet your expectations and raise it even higher. 

The staff at Fiesta Hair salon goes through professional and demanding training under the tutelage of world famous, award-winning, education programs. They are effortlessly flawless at what they do.  Although Fiesta is such a huge brand, making its salons belong to an elite class of beauty salons, they never miss a chance to make their clients feel comfortable, they are so warm and friendly that enhances the goodness of the whole experience. basically, Fiesta Hair salon is one of the best destinations you can visit to get yourself beautified and pampered.



It is considered important to look good, while creating a first impression or while maintaining a good impression. And most people want to unapologetically look good all the time, irrespective of the occasion. Fiesta salons do a great job of making you look good. You would be surprised at the wonders they do to beautify you. Fiesta salon undoubtedly provides an amazing range of good quality services at very reasonable prices. 

In spite of being extremely professional in their services, they always make sure to make the customer feel at home, the friendly and welcoming staff makes it easier to feel comfortable and enjoy the experience to the fullest!

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