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The Famous Hair salon, as many other brands, is also a part of the esteemed and loved Regis Corporation. Famous Hair has become a famous and staple hair salon in the industry because of their extremely skilled and talented stylists and being awarded countless accolades. Famous Hair proudly is a part of the Promenade Salon Group. Famous Hair aims at expanding its business and increasing their standards and quality, even more, to reach the goal of perfection in terms of its services towards their lovely clientele. 

They are determined to work hard and meet their client’s demands as efficiently as possible and improve themselves every second of the hour. 

They house an extremely skilled staff that go through professional training to come to bristle and take their potential to the maximum level. Famous Hair believes in their client’s value for time and makes sure that they are never made to wait for longer than expected, the clients can walk-in with a small window of time and still receive amazing service and get positively amused by the final product.



Famous Hair provides its clients with the kind of services that leave them happily awestruck. They offer services of the newest, most fashionable styles that totally match the current on-going trend and keep updating themselves with every trend. Famous Hair offers a plethora of services varying from haircuts, hair coloring, varied hairstyles to highlighting.

This wide range of services is of super high quality and leaves the customer overwhelmed on seeing the final product. Famous Hair offers services such as haircuts, perming, trimming of bangs and beard, relaxing conditioning treatments, and many more. 

The products used for these services belong to elite brands and are extremely reliable beauty products. They provide services to men and women alike, giving everyone the maximum possible attention. Famous Hair is a great place for men, women, and children who are looking for good quality in addition to value for money.



Famous Hair Salon provides elite quality of services for reasonable rates that makes it very appealing to the customer. Some of the services that they offer are mentioned here along with their prices. However, the prices may vary depending on various factors and your stylist will inform you all about it in advance. 

For Haircuts, the Adult Haircut costs $13, the Child Haircut for a kid of age 10 years and under costs $11, and a Beard or a Bang Trim costs $5.

For Perming which includes a haircut too, Perm Plus with a Haircut costs $44, Partial Perm with 15 rods of less with cut costs $25, Designer Wrap costs $50- $95, Senior Perm costs $35.99, Spiral Perm of shoulder-length hair costs $65, Spiral Perm of middle of the back length hair costs $75, and Spiral Perm of waist-length cost $85.

For Hair Color, Demi-Permanent costs $41, Permanent with an all-over tint costs $46, Retouch of the regrowth area only costs $34, Partial Highlights cost $31, Highlight/Lowlight cost $76, Weaving that is done with foils costs $61, and Corrective Color cost starts at $46.

They also offer some special services which include the following-

The Works which is shampoo, haircut, and blow-dry which costs $18 and up, Finish Style which includes shampoo, blow-dry, curl/flat iron, and a basic braid which costs $12 and up, Design Style which includes updo’s, twists, specialty braids, spiral curls, straighten hair with iron which costs $35, Only Shampoo costs $5, Shampoo and Hair Setting costs $12, Shampoo with Haircut costs $2, and Fluff Dry with Haircut costs $1. 

For Waxing, One Area costs $10, Two Areas costs $15 and Three Areas costs $20.

For Conditioner/Treatment, Malibu costs $15, Pre-Service Chemistry costs $9, Post-Service Chemistry costs $9, Deep Conditioner costs $10, Hydrate Balm costs $5, and Color Care Conditioner costs $5.


Haircuts Prices

Adult $13.00
Kids (10 and under) $11.00
Beard or Bang Trim $5.00

Conditioning Prices

Malibu $15.00
Pre-Service Chemistry $9.00
Post-Service Chemistry $9.00
Deep Conditioner $10.00
Hydrate Balm $5.00
Color Care Conditioner $5.00

Perms Prices

Perm Plus (with haircut) $44.00
Partial Perm (15 rods or less with cut) $25.00
Designer Wrap $50.00-$95.00
Senior Perm (includes haircut only) $35.99
Spiral Perm (shoulder length) $65.00
Spiral Perm (middle of back length) $75.00
Spiral Perm (waist length) $85.00

Hair Color Prices

Demi-Permanent $41.00
Permanent (all-over tint) $46.00
Retouch (regrowth area only) $34.00
Partial Highlight $31.00
Highlight (pulled through cap) $51.00
Highlight/Lowlight $76.00
Weaving (done with foils) $61.00
Partial Weave (1-5 foils) $31.00
Partial Weave (6-10 foils) $41.00
Corrective Color Starts at $46.00

Special Services

The Works (shampoo, haircut & blow-dry) Starts at $18.00
Finish Style (shampoo, blowdry & curling/flat iron, basic braid) Starts at $12.00
Design Style (updo’s, twists, specialty braids, spiral curls, straighten hair with iron) $35.00
Shampoo Only $5.00
Shampoo and Set $12.00
Shampoo with Haircut $2.00
Fluff Dry with Haircut $1.00
Style Dry (with cut or chemical service) $3.00
Curling Iron (with cut or chemical service) Starts at $3.00
Set with Senior Perm $6.00
Request Fee $2.00

Waxing Prices

1 Area $10.00
2 Areas $15.00
3 Areas $20.00




Famous Hair makes sure to provide you with an amazing standard of service keeping themselves in pace with the on-going most fashionable trends. They have extremely skilled stylists who are professionally trained for what they do. But professionalism and beautiful craftsmanship are not their only plus points, they also manage to maintain a warm, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere in order to make their clients feel comfortable.

This is the right place for you if you want to experience great quality services at a reasonable price. The staff of Famous Hair will make sure to make your time and money worth the while. 



Famous Hair offers amazing beneficial discounts for their beloved customers. They have a program wherein they offer discounts and promos to their frequent visitors. The special, most used brands by Famous Hair for styling and finishing also offer special discounts to their loyal customers.

The special brands that are used by Famous Hair are Matrix, Sexy Hair, Paul Mitchell, and Regis Designline that offer amazing discounts to their loyal customers. All the locations of Famous Hair salons have these promotions available for their customers.



Famous Hair Salon offers an extensive range of good quality services at affordable prices. They have extremely skilled professionals who make it a point to meet their client’s demands to the best of their efforts. This place will leave you astonished with the standard of treatment they give you. If you are a loyal, frequent customer you are showered with a plethora of special promotions by various brands used by the salon and by Famous Hair itself.

The amazing quality of services at reasonable prices with beneficial promotions is definitely very favorable and appealing to the clients. This place will surely give you a remarkable experience and leave you completely in awe of the services they provided to you!

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