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The so very fast-paced modern life leaves little time to spare in which you can actually focus on yourself on a daily basis. This does not mean that your body will be fine with you stressing it out like anything without a break. No matter how busy how hectic our lives get, each one of us without any excess needs to unwind at times. Working yourself too hard creates stress and tension not only in the mind but also in our bodies.

A massage is a great way to de-stress by having your muscles manipulated to release knots and tension from them. Evidence of massages in the early days can be traced as far back as ancient civilizations in places like China, India, Japan, Korea, Egypt, Rome, Greece, and Mesopotamia.

Established in the year 2000 by Michele Merhib, Elements Massage is a salon that focuses only on massages, unlike other salons who try to do a lot and end up being all over the place. It offers a variety of massage options that will help you relax and work on your physical wellness without being harsh on your wallet. They provide more than satisfactory services at over 250 locations all across the country.

Michele’s first studio in Aurora, Colorado was a bold decision she took after she was kicked out of her rented massage studio space at a country club. Instead of looking for another space to rent, she decided she wanted to branch out and venture on her own by opening her own local studio. What started as one studio quickly boomed in popularity and transformed into a chain of studios all across the United States and still continues to grow rapidly.



The prices of services may vary based on location, as each franchise has been given the freedom to set their own prices. Although it offers a monthly membership that allows one massage per month. Apart from the membership program, it always comes up with steeply discounted prices and offers.

They offer special prices for new clients which are around $69 for a 60-minute massage, $105 for a 90-minute massage, and $140 for a 120-minute massage. The regular rates on the other hand are $99, $139, and $199 for the same services. Though the prices remain the same as your first visit if you decide to go for the membership. Couples and Prenatal massages are also priced in the same range.

The additional optional services like aromatherapy, reflexology, hot stones, Himalayan salt stones, and cupping therapy cost $10 or $20 depending upon how long of a massage you opt for.

Intro Prices

60-Minute Massage $69
90-Minute Massage $105
120-Minute Massage $140

Regular Prices

1 Hour Massage (Regular Rate) $99.00
90 Minute Massage (Regular Rate) $139.00
2 Hour Massage (Regular Rate) $199.00

Wellness Program Prices

1 Hour Massage (Wellness Program Rate) $69.00
90 Minute Massage (Wellness Program Rate) $99.00
2 Hour Massage (Wellness Program Rate) $139.00

Parental Service Prices

1 Hour Massage (Prenatal Rate) $99.00
90 Minute Massage (Prenatal Rate) $139.00

Add Aromatherapy Prices

Add Aromatherapy to 1 Hour Massage $10.00
Add Aromatherapy to 90 Minute Massage $10.00
Add Aromatherapy to 2 Hour Massage $10.00

Couple Services Prices

60-Minute Massage $69
90-Minute Massage $105
120-Minute Massage $140

Optional Services Prices

Add Aromaritual (for 60, 90, or 120-minute massages) $10
Add Integrative Reflexology (for 60-minute massages) $10
Add Integrative Reflexology (for 90 or 120-minute massages) $20
Add Hot Stones (for 60-minute massages) $10
Add Hot Stones (for 90 or 120-minute massages) $20
Add Himalayan Salt Stones (for 60-minute massages) $10
Add Himalayan Salt Stones (for 90 or 120-minute massages) $20
Add Cupping (for 60-minute massages) $10
Add Cupping (for 90 or 120-minute massages) $20



Although there aren’t as many options as you are likely to find at any other massage place, Elements Massage makes it a point they are the best ones out there in each and every service they offer. They make sure that you have a highly satisfactory experience whenever you visit.

They provide a number of massage options like ones that mainly focus on trigger points or may provide deep tissue relaxation with a Swedish massage. In all, they provide deep tissue massage, sports massage along with the above-mentioned. The sessions could last for 60 minutes, 90 minutes, or 120 minutes depending on which you decide on. You can also be expected to be given special massages if you are pregnant.

The massage can also be taken up a few notches by opting for aromatherapy along with it which is chosen specifically to your needs. You can also opt to choose some te with your significant other or your best friend by getting a couples massage where the two of you can unwind together. Reflexology is another massage service that Elements Massage is very well known for.

Elements Massage offers one of the best hot stone massages that you can add to your regular massage package. This therapy is aimed to loosen tight muscles. You can also go for Himalayan salt stones to be added to your regular massage package at the same price. These are used to soften and smooth your skin while also acting as an exfoliating agent.

It works a whole lot better due to its negative charge that significantly helps reduce aches and pains in your muscles. The famous cupping therapy is yet another service that you can opt if you’re looking for some significant healing for your worn-out muscles.

Even though Elements Massage does not have its own line of products as of now, you can purchase a gift card at the front desk. It makes for an exceptionally thoughtful gift for those who are close to you and who you think need to be pampered a little.



One of the things that makes Elements Massage such an easy choice is because it’s one of the very few salons that have stuck to what they were originally meant to do. Their primary goal does not deviate from providing you with means to unwind and de-stress while caring about your physical and overall well-being. They are very proud of their ‘Elements Way’ which is providing custom massages to clients by understanding their individual needs.

This is done by spending some time with your massage therapist before you get a message so that they can understand what your needs truly are. They will then pick out what they think is the best massage option considering your needs to spare you the hassle of deciding for yourself. They are also open to talking about what new problems you’ve got that need tending to when you return some other time.

All the therapists at Elements Massage are trained in their specific massages, with extra attention given to training prenatal specialists. This helps make sure that you get the best possible service at all times. They are so confident about the quality of their services that they guarantee that your experience at Elements Massage will meet the highest of expectations. They promise to provide the next massage as a complementary if you think the spa failed to meet your expectations.



Day Hours
Monday 9:00am – 9:00pm
Tuesday 9:00am – 9:00pm
Wednesday 9:00am – 9:00pm
Thursday 9:00am – 9:00pm
Friday 9:00am – 9:00pm
Saturday 9:00am – 7:00pm
Sunday 9:00am – 7:00pm

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