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The Dominican Hair Salons is a celebrated faction in the hair industry that has a number of salons under carried banners. These salons are run and administered by Mariana. The name “Dominican Hair Salon’ is originated from Mariana’s native country, which is the Dominican Republic. Mariana graduated with a degree in cosmetology and started working in the Dominican salons immediately after. These salons bring an enormous amount of pride to the country. One of the salons under Dominican Hair salons in the Dominican Image Salon.

Mariana was determined to pursue her career in this field and so her diligence and persistence in cosmetology paid off and she was able to establish her first salon in 1998. They are deeply immersed in their Dominican roots and encourage employing Dominican Hairstylists and hairdressers who are skilled and versatile enough to work on all types of hair and all kinds of styles.



Dominican Hair salons obviously offer the regular basic haircuts and hair trim services. But in addition to that, they also offer various special services. Their success stems from providing their clients with an extensive range of special services such a- hair coloring, hair perm, semi-coloring hair, and hair wash. They also offer some advanced level treatments such as hair highlighting, deep conditioning, oil conditioning and hair relaxing, keratin treatment, and flat iron treatment.

Dominican Hair Salon does not have fixed prices for all customers alike. Many variables play a role in deciding the price of a certain service, such as the length or density of the client’s hair. However, the price of the stipulated service will be quoted to the client after considering all the factors, and only then will the service begin. They may also set an appointment if that is more convenient for them.



The Dominican Hair Salons do not have fixed rates for all the customers alike, since their prices are highly influenced by factors like the customer’s hair length. However, they have base prices set for every service and there might be relative changes depending upon these factors. 

The Wash & Set costs $25 and up, Hair Coloring costs $40 and up, Alizado costs $50 and up, Blow Dry costs $30 and up, Men’s Haircut costs $13 and up, Women’s Haircut costs $15 and up, and Children’s Haircut costs $10 and up. 

These are the base prices for the basic services that the Dominican Hair Salon provides, however as mentioned above, there might be relative changes in the prices, which the customers will be informed of before starting the service.


Wash & Set (Starting Price) $25.00
Color (Starting Price) $40.00
Alizado (Starting Price) $50.00
Blow Dry (Starting Price) $30.00
Men’s Cut (Starting Price) $13.00
Women Cut (Starting Price) $15.00
Children’s Cut (Starting Price) $10.00



The Dominican Hair Salons chain provides its clients with a unique, refreshing, and reliable experience. Their sessions are not just professionally exceptional but also quite interactive and relaxing. Clients can opt for booking an appointment prior to the visit, but in case of direct walk-in sessions, there is a first-come, first serve policy that the clients should be aware of. 

The Dominican Hair salon is a fun place to be at, where the treatments are quite relaxing and refreshing and the staff is very friendly. The Dominicans create a festive vibe even in a salon- they play music, gather to socialize and enjoy each other’s company and a select few even bring in food making for a festivity of sorts. They create a warm and comfortable ambiance, to enhance the joy of the client’s experience. 

Basically, the Dominican Salon is a happy, energizing place to be at, have you assured a wonderful experience the moment you step in.



The Dominican Salons along with offering amazing services also have an extensive range of products available through Dominican’s website. The Dominican Salons makes available a melting pot of products for their customers to choose from. These products can also be used during a client’s visit.

Dominican salon’s staff keeps their customers informed on what products are being used during the services so that they know about it for future reference. They have such high-quality products that are super healthy for your hair. 

Some of the products that Dominican Salons make available are- Silicon Mix Shampoo and Conditioner for a thorough leave-in conditioning treatment. There is also an authentic moisturizing shampoo that is directly imported from the native, Dominican Republic. It is quite helpful for damaged and dry hair and helps in retaining the lust and shine of the hair. 

There is also a Bomba leave-in intensive conditioner, that is kept on display which is a very healthy treatment for protecting your hair from dryness as a result of seasons that can be very harsh on your hair. This conditioner efficiently nourishes the hair from roots right till the ends which avoids split ends. It works well in bringing back a healthy glow of overly processed hair too. 

A product that is personally recommended by the Dominican Hair Salon is the Salerm Protein Shampoo and Protein Conditioner since these products inculcate conditioning active agents that could potentially regain the natural balance of the hair that was initially compromised due to the harsh weather conditions and excess styling treatments/methods.

The product assures the restoration of healthy hair shine and its silkiness that will avoid any tugging while combing. KUZ Hair Loss Control is used by the Dominican Hair Salons for weak hair. It has a unique and efficient combination of formulas and active agents that work really well in restoring the healthy nourishment of the scalp. It plays a vital role in strengthening and augmenting the hair using its sebaceous secretions.



The Dominican Hair Salons have received an immense amount of love from its customers and that is quite evident in the kind of reviews it gets. Its service is absolutely impeccable but what is even more appreciated is the kind of warm and inviting environment that they create in their salons to make their clients feel comfortable.

While creating a good, warm ambiance they do not compromise in their professionalism even a tiny bit. They maintain a good balance between professionalism and comfort which makes the experience at Dominican Hair Salons absolutely impeccable. 

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