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One of the activities most stereotypically associated with women has to be nail care. Though it’s not like women don’t take interstate in nail care, it’s rude to blatantly assume that all women do and no ‘man’ does so. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to pamper yourself a bit and that has nothing to do with the gender that you identify with.

A nail salon is an establishment specifically targeted at that very activity. It is a place one can go to to get manicures, pedicures, and all other kinds of nail enhancements done.

David Nails is one such nail salon managed and owned by the Truong family. Brothers David Truong and Vi Truong Cao together opened the first DaVi Nails Salon in the year 1995. DaVi Nails was initially known as California Nails. The duo made sure that the services they provided were of the highest quality while being affordable at the same time.

With their vision and skills, the broths were able to make DaVi Nails a huge hit right from the start and before they knew it business started booming. This led to the decision of expanding the business furthermore. Soon after, there were DaVi Salons at all these new locations all across the United States. Today, almost every state has a DaVi Nails Salon at over 100 different locations in the country.



DaVi Nails salon has always successfully catered to their customer’s needs in the best possible way and to the fullest. They are well equipped with both the materials and the skills to offer a wide range of exquisite nail services.

One notable service provided is the Airbrush design. The most talented of artists often use airbrushes to customize goods like shoes or phone cases. In DaVi Nails, your fingernails are the canvas, you are the muse and the nail technician; the artist. The airbrush is used to create the most gorgeous of nail arts that compliment your personality with a tinge of creativity from the artist.

Acrylic Nails have been the talk of the town lately. Though fake nails aren’t a new concept, it sure has gained a lot of attention in recent times. With DaVi  Nails you can choose between acrylic and gel to enhance your nails furthermore. The difference between the two is the way in which they are attached to the nail. While the gel dries on exposure to UV or LED lights, acrylic is made up of a monomer that gets you a sculpted effect.

The simpler version of the above is getting nail extensions. If you love long nails but your nails don’t grow very well and/or brittle, nail extensions is the hack your nails always needed. With DaVi Nails, you can get your nails extended at truly affordable rates. Another thing that could correct brittle nails is fiberglass. It is very similar to nail overlay but fiberglass is the natural and better alternative to it. This makes your nails last longer and not break easily.

More basic services that people mostly go looking for are also made available with top-notch quality. Manicures and Pedicures are nail care and body care put together. You get your hands at feet scrubbed, massaged, cleansed, and your nails are taken care of. It is in the true sense the best of both worlds. It comes with an added bonus of nail painting or if you’re looking for a little spunk, you can go for DaVi Nails’ nail art services. It is one of the most asked for service at DaVi because of the exceptionally talented artists that paint your heart out on your nails.

Speaking of spunk, if do it you should go all the way. At DaVi Nails, you can get your nails sculpted. Yes, it is as funky as it sounds and Yes, it’s just as badass. Your nails are shaped and molded to make them look visually stunning. Silk wrap is another way you can choose to take care of brittle nails. Your nails are wrapped in s silk cover.

This helps increase the longevity of your nails and help them grow healthy without any breakage. Another unique substitute for Acrylic nails is made available at DaVi, which is solar nails. Ethyl methacrylate is used it achieve a look for your nails that is a fusion of acrylic nails and a French tip manicure is being two-toned (pink body and white tips).


DaVi Nails Prices

Prices are the factor that can either be a deal maker or a deal-breaker when it comes to choosing any place to be your go-to. The prices at DaVi are unbelievably low. They go as low as just $3 for services like Nail Repair, Nail Design, a Cut Down Or a French Manicure and that is with the nail set. You can get your nail polish changed for a mere $5. Changing toe polish and taking off nails cost $7 and $8 respectively.

All other services like Full Set Acrylic, Fill in Acrylic, Manicure, Pedicure, UV Gel Fill, and pink and white fill all cost under $25. The services that cost the most are Solar Pink and White which is priced $40 and UV Gel which is priced $35 which is not all that expensive when compared to other outlets that provide the same services.


Basic Service Prices


Special Services Price


DaVi Nails is abundant in the number of services that it offers but it also does not fall any short on hospitality. The warm and welcoming atmosphere that DaVi creates is one of the reasons people are drawn to it and keep coming back for more. The employees maintain the perfect balance between personal relationships and professionalism which is key to making a long-lasting clientele.

On top of that DaVi nails uses top-grade products and meet all the quality requirements that it is supposed to and we might go as far as saying they exceed expectations when it comes to quality at the prices at which they offer them. Now that we’ve brought price into the equation, prepare to be flabbergasted.

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