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The Dashing Diva Salon was established by John Chang, who was also the owner of the world’s biggest artificial nails manufacturing company. Dashing Diva was founded and officially inaugurated in October 2003, with its first branch located in the Greenwich Village, New York. 

As a result of commendable support and positive feedback that they received in addition to their hard work, progressive advancements, and respectable customer service, Dashing Diva revamped the nail salon experience and has proudly extended their empire to over 30 locations in three continents.  Dashing Dive currently has its store locations the U.S., Japan, Philippines, China, and Kuwait. 

Nail Salons can be easily generalized or stereotyped so it is very important for a nail salon to significantly stand out and distinguish itself from other nail salons and Dashing Diva has managed to do the correctly. Unlike most beauty enterprises who are content with their average, typical standards, Dashing Diva is constantly setting new milestones and meeting customer demands perfectly.

Dashing Diva is an exclusive Nail Salon that is determined to work towards meeting the demands of their clientele and rise above the ordinary



Dashing Diva is a one-stop nail salon that provides an extensive range of services that will cover all of your nail care needs. They offer services like manicures, pedicures, nail extensions, waxing. These services are available for adults but some of these services are made available for children below 8 years too. In addition to the standard nail cossetting services, Dashing Diva salons also offer massages and facials. 

Dashing Diva is known for its high-quality services, they offer professional manicuring and pedicuring services that are pooled with remarkable aromatherapy, exfoliation, and massage services. Dashing Diva provides an extensive range of services and is always ready to work more to meet customer demands.

They have variations in the nail extension service that makes them even more unique. They provide the options of adding silk wraps to nails, an overlay on natural nails, tips, extensions with silk, powder fill-ins, and glue & gel manicure.

In waxing related services, they can wax eyebrows, lips, underarms, full leg, chin, shoulders, chest, back, bikini, Brazilian, and full body wax.

They can also arrange for very relaxing 10- minute chair massages, 10- minute foot massages that are absolutely heavenly, and 30- minute reflexology sessions.



Dashing Diva is a huge, global, and esteemed enterprise in the nails industry. Dashing Diva is an archetype pf professionalism and perfection and have high-standards set that they consistently maintain. They are humble, warm, and welcoming and have a really friendly staff that makes sure that the customers are comfortable during the service. The most skilled and professional stylists are hired at Dashing Diva that provides an astonishingly good service. 

The kind of services provided to each client is commendable and unparalleled in terms of quality and innovation. The ambiance that they create in their salons is extremely warm and inviting that makes the clients calm and relaxed. The interior design is engineered in a way so as to provide the clients with a soothing atmosphere. The hygiene and sanitation standards maintain are quite appreciable. 



Dashing Diva provides an extensive range of services at a reasonable price. 

In Manicure services, Lounge Manicure costs $12, Spoiled Lounge Manicure costs $22, All-Out Lounge Manicure costs $35, Polish Change costs $8, French Manicure Add On costs $4, Gel Add-On costs $18, and Buffing costs $3.

In Pedicure services, Lounge Pedicure costs $23, Spoiled Pedicure costs $43, All-Out Pedicure costs $60, Polish Change costs $12, French Pedicure Add On costs $4, and Gel Add On costs $20.

In Extensions, they offer Virtual Nails and Glamgel (Traditional, Metallic, and French) costs $35.

In UV/LED Color Gel Services, Gel Polish costs $28, Gel Polish with Nail Guard costs $38, French Gel Add On costs $10, Color FX/Design FX with Gel Overlay costs $35, Color FX/ Design FX with Gel Overlay (Single Finger Application or Design) costs $5, Permanent UV Overlay costs $70, Permanent UV with Extensions costs $80, Permanent UV Fill-In costs $45, and Permanent French costs $15.

In Removal services, Virtual/Glamgel costs $10, and Acrylic/Permanent/Wraps costs $12. 

In Waxing services, eyebrows cost $9, Lip costs $7, Chin/Cheek costs $9, Full Arm costs $32, Half Arm costs $20, Under Arm costs $12, Full Leg costs $38, Half Leg costs $24, Back costs $40, Chest costs $24, Bikini costs $20, Semi-Brazilian costs $28, Full-Brazilian costs $38, and Bikini & Leg costs $55.

They also offer other services such as Chair Massage for 10 minutes that cost $12.


Manicure Prices

Lounge Manicure $12.00
Spoiled Lounge Manicure $22.00
All-Out Lounge Manicure $35.00
Polish Change $8.00
French Manicure Add On $4.00
Gel Add On $18.00
Buffing $3.00


Pedicure Prices

Lounge Pedicure $23.00
Spoiled Lounge Pedicure $43.00
All-Out Lounge Pedicure $60.00
Polish Change $12.00
French Pedicure Add On $4.00
Gel Add On $20.00

Gel Color Prices

Gel Polish $28.00
Gel Polish with Nail Guard $38.00
French Gel Add On $10.00
ColorFX/DesignFX with Gel Overlay $35.00
ColorFX/DesignFX with Gel Overlay (Single Finger Application or Design) $5.00
Permanent UV Overlay $70.00
Permanent UV with Extensions $80.00
Permanent UV Fill-In $45.00
Permanent French $15.00

Waxing Prices

Eyebrow $9.00
Lip $7.00
Chin/Cheek $9.00
Full Arm $32.00
Half Arm $20.00
Under Arm $12.00
Full Leg $38.00
Half Leg $24.00
Back $40.00
Chest $24.00
Bikini $20.00
Semi-Brazilian $28.00
Full-Brazilian $38.00
Bikini & Leg $55.00

Removal Prices

Virtual/Glamgel $10.00
Acrylic/Permanent/Wraps $12.00


Dashing Diva Nail Salon is a widely loved brand that provides an amazing nail pampering experience. They have the most skilled and elite nail specialists in every salon location and their salons are very well-quipped with high-quality products to provide for all the services sufficiently. 

They provide top-notch nail services and so experts in this industry are lining up for gaining immeasurable experience and knowledge growth. 

For experiencing the highest-quality nail services, Dashing Diva is the perfect place to visit. With immense professionalism, elite quality services, a great ambiance, and high standards of hygiene and sanitation, Dashing Diva is a must-visit that will guarantee you with a pleasant yet astonishing experience that you will want to have time and again.


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