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Tanning is a very significant aspect of beautification; it gives a very aesthetic look to a person. A skin with a toned golden, full complexion makes a person relatively more compelling since some people look at their tan as a defining concept. And since you cannot have a tan only in the summer season, tanning salons are a heavenly place for that.

Darque Tan is a tanning parlor that provides customers with a natural looking tan with sunless tanning techniques. It is far from an ordinary tanning salon. 

Darque Tan is a luxurious, high-end tanning salon which is the largest among the chain of 5-star salons. It is determined towards providing their clients with the best luxury tanning. The warm, friendly and incomparable service that it provides, enables them to have strong bonds with their customers.

Darque Tan is determined towards striving its foremost goal, which is providing elite services to their beloved customers, which in fact, they have been very successful in achieving.



Darque Tan provides a wide range of services but they can be broadly classified into two branches- Sunless Tanning and UV Tanning. 

The UV tanning technique is comprised of the classic tanning along with UV light bulbs. Tanning beds and UV machines are made available for the services that they provide. 

The level of tan that you desire to have is ranged from level one to level five and there are specific tanning beds respectively assigned for the same. 

The stand-up UV machine technology is used for level 3 tanning.

Different tanning levels have multiple degrees of tanning along with differing times taken to take the tanning done. Depending upon the duration of time you have to spare, you can choose the level of tanning that you wish to experience. level one tanning can be chosen by those who have sometime in their hands since it takes about 20 minutes. Whereas for those are a little low on sparing time on this can opt for the equipment from level 3 to 5 since it will only utilize about 12-15 minutes of their time.

Spray tanning is for clients who prefer a sunless treatment and also demand for a faster service. Spray tanning is a technique that makes use of a spray on tanning solutions. 

Even in the Sunless Tanning treatment, Darque Tan has three machines to meet the client’s expectations perfectly. The Mystic Man, is the most advanced and reliable tanning machine in the industry currently. The machine has proved to be immensely efficient and brings unbelievably amazing results every time.

Versa Spa is comparatively a newer spray tanning machine that provides more than just a tan. It works flawlessly at hydrating fine lines and gives an attractive airbrush look.

The most recent tanning technology that Darque Tan has adopted is the Norvell machine. In addition to providing a standard airbrush tan. It is also automated for simple use. 



The regular tanning prices are quite reasonable. The Spray Tanning session costs $34 and the Tanning Bed session costs $10.

The memberships they offer are priced on a per month basis.

The level 1 tanning membership for a month is $18.88, the level 1,2 & 3 level tanning membership per month is $28.88, all beds membership costs $58.88, all-access membership costs $98.88, and unlimited spray tanning to a UV- tanning only membership costs $40.

Individual Tanning Prices

Spray Tan Session $34.00
Tanning Bed Session $10.00



Monday 8AM–10PM
Tuesday 8AM–10PM
Wednesday 8AM–10PM
Thursday 8AM–10PM
Friday 8AM–10PM
Saturday 10AM–8PM
Sunday 10AM–6PM


A huge number of customers have expressed their gratitude and love towards Darque Tan. They said that there are hardly any companies that provide such a wide range of services with so much variety within those services. Darque Tan strives towards its goal of providing the customer with the best possible services and making them satisfied with the end result. Their customer service is commendable. 

They have very high standards concerning hygiene and sanitation which they are very peculiar about.so they make sure of creating a clean, hygienic, warm, and comfortable atmosphere for there customers. 

During the service, clean towels are provided to the customers and some treats to make their accommodation time even better. There are radios installed inside the machines, to create a soothing environment while they are getting a tan. 

In spite of providing everything that they do, they are very affordable when it comes to charging customers. They give such an amazing service and an unforgettable experience for such a reasonable price that makes it so much more appealing. 



Darque Tan already provides such an amazing quality of services at reasonable rates that there are no complaints regarding it being expensive. However, they offer single walk-in sessions for tanning clients that visit only occasionally and comprehensive packages for value too. 

They are limited memberships than Darque Tan offers. But frequent clients are given a privilege of getting regular deals and discounts.


Membership Prices

Level 1 Only $18.88
Levels 1, 2, and 3 Standup $28.88
All Beds $58.88
All Access $98.88
Add Unlimited Spray Tanning to a UV-Only Membership $40.00

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