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Carlton Hair is one of the most determined salons in the hair industry with their motto being, “Pushing the envelope and setting the pace” which means being prepared to take challenged and have innovations in their business and set very high standards for the other salons that are in competition with them. 

Carlton Hair Salon is a well established and popularly loved hair salon that has its locations in various important metropolitan cities such as San Diego, Orange County, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Their aim is to achieve ultimate excellence in their field and gain complete customer satisfaction. They focus on the quality of their customer service and make sure that they offer what is truly needed by the client perfectly. 

They make sure to keep themselves up to date with the current trends in the fashion beauty business and offer relevant services to their clients in accordance with the trends.

The company highly values its employees since they are the pillars in this customer-driven business. The employees of Carlton Hair are considered as assets since they are a very significant part of this business. They must go through professional training and receive education from senior stylists to improve their skills even further. This makes the staff at Carlton very professional and talented at providing their services efficiently. The customers find their services to be commendable and appreciate them often. 



Carlton Hair offers an extensive range of services suited for various occasions, be it the casual everyday look or a formal meeting look or a decked-up fancy look. Carlton Hair got it all covered for you. 

Carlton Hair offers a variety of haircuts even for men and children. For women, they have a special haircut and blow-dry service. They also offer a wide range of hair treatments such as Hair Colour, Highlights, Flamboyage, Relaxing, and Hair Extensions. Furthermore, there are treatments such as Perms, Full Hair Package, Volumizer, and Bridal Hair Style. 

For walk-in customers who need a quick fix for their hair, can opt for the Blow Dry Bar for quick service while they seat themselves in comfortable chairs and a relaxing ambiance. This service is quite in demand for the salon since it enables customers with a time constraint to get beautified in a much less time-consuming manner.

This is a very efficient option for creating a quick impressive look for occasions like dates or important meetings, where you need to look good but also have only a few minutes to spare and get it done. The one trick is to not pay much for the luxury aspect that one experiences with the highly trained blow dry specialists. 

Carlton Hair uses their very own formulations that are completely harmless while providing these services. 

They also offer various nail services. They have presented their new branch known as Carlton Nails in their respective franchises of Cape Town and Johannesburg. 

But they also have nail services in Carlton Hair, for both women as well as men. They offer basic nail services such as manicures and pedicures and use high-quality products from popularly known brands such as Gelish soak-off gel and Morgan Taylor nail polish products.

Carlton Hair also offers a variety of skincare services such as waxing including Brazilian Waxing, very relaxing facial massages to smoothen and tone up the facial muscles, eyelash extensions to enhance the beauty of the eyes, Express facials, and threading of eyebrows.



Carlton Hair provides its customers with a plethora of services at reasonable rates. They have successfully managed to set and sustain a high standard in terms of the quality of services that they provide. They are determined to work for gaining complete customer satisfaction. They house exceptionally talented professionals who will meet the customer demands and make them happy.

The services at Carlton Hair are exceedingly marvelous and often appreciated by their clients. They respect the customer’s time and demands and provide their services accordingly. They ensure that you have an incredible experience no matter which service you opt for. To get yourself beautified under professional supervision, this is the apt destination for you!



Carlton Hair provides a wide range of services pertaining to hair care, nails, and even skincare for women, men, and even kids at reasonable prices. Here are a few services amongst the many along with their respective prices-

The Haircut and Finish includes a Detox Shampoo, Conditioning, and Styling. The Stylist costs $52, the Senior costs $58, the Master costs $70, and the Mentor costs $78.

For the Traditional Short Cut, the Stylist costs $45, the Senior costs $50, the Master costs $58, and the Mentor costs $58.

For Children’s Haircut for kids 12 and under, the Stylist costs $30, the Senior costs $35, the Master costs $42, and the Mentor costs $42.

For Blow Dry & Style, the Stylist costs $40, the Senior costs $45, the Master costs $52, and the Mentor costs $58.

For Tint/ Colour, the Stylist costs $58, the Senior costs $60, the Master costs $64, and the Mentor costs $68.

They also offer a variety of other special services such as Bleaching that costs $68 and above, the Toner that costs $25 and up, Smoothing Treatment costs$150 and above, and Glossing without Blow Dry costs $38 and up.

Haircut Prices

Stylist (Per Person) (Haircut & Finish) $52.00
Senior (Per Person) (Haircut & Finish) $58.00
Master (Per Person) (Haircut & Finish) $70.00
Mentor (Per Person) (Haircut & Finish) $78.00

Short Cut Prices [Tradtional]

Stylist (Per Person) (The Traditional Short Cut) $45.00
Senior (Per Person) (The Traditional Short Cut) $50.00
Master (Per Person) (The Traditional Short Cut) $58.00
Mentor (Per Person) (The Traditional Short Cut) $58.00

Children’s Hair Cut Prices

Stylist (Per Child) $30.00
Senior (Per Child) $35.00
Master (Per Child) $42.00
Mentor (Per Child) $42.00

Blow Dry Prices

Stylist (Per Person) (Blow-Dry & Style) $40.00
Senior (Per Person) (Blow-Dry & Style) $45.00
Master (Per Person) (Blow-Dry & Style) $52.00
Mentor (Per Person) (Blow-Dry & Style) $58.00

Hair Color Prices

Stylist (Per Person) (Tint/Color) $58.00
Senior (Per Person) (Tint/Color) $60.00
Master (Per Person) (Tint/Color) $64.00
Mentor (Per Person) (Tint/Color) $68.00

Other Services

Bleaching (Starting Price) $68.00
Toner (Starting Price) $25.00
Color Correction (Price Determined During Consultation) $0.00
Glossing (Blow Dry Not Included) (Starting Price) $38.00
Wave Relaxer (Perm Solution Relaxer Only) (Starting Price) $95.00
Conditioning or Scalp Treatment (Blow Dry Not Included) (Starting Price) $25.00
Smoothing Treatment (Starting Price) $150.00
Dry Bar Styling (No Wash, Approximately 20-Minute Style) (Starting Price) $35.00


Carlton Hair offers a plethora of services for men, women, and children at reasonable rates. They are determined to provide a remarkable quality of services that they have managed to consistently sustain. They work with the constant aim or complete customer satisfaction and have been very successful at it.

They provide their customers with services pertaining to hair care, nails, and even skincare and their clients are extremely appreciative of them. The house professionals who are very talented at what they do. Carlton Hair provides a completely pleasurable experience that is totally worth your money and time. 

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