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In the year 1992, what began as a single hair salon, has grown to become a multi-billion dollar corporation aiming to help people turn into the best version of themselves. Initially established as Kunin Beauty Salon by Paul and Florence Kunin over 90 years ago, expanded in a flash and turned into a chain of salons located in department stores. The corporation was later taken over by their son Myron who bought and renamed the chain in the year 1958 and that’s how the very well-known corporation named ‘Regis’ came into being.

Myron saw a profitable move in relocating their salons out of department stores to freestanding operations in shopping malls. Over the years, Regis Corporation expanded and started acquiring street locations hence, becoming a major force in franchising. This increase in business was followed by numerous acquisitions as the company continues to expand in the US, Canada, and the UK. Today Regis Corporation stands to be a leading brand in beauty salons and cosmetology education. The company holds interests or own franchises in about 8000 locations.

Once such a venture out of the many that the Regis Corporation holds is BoRic Hair Care. It is a full-service salon that offers an array of numerous facilities and services. Each salon offers both basic and exquisite facilities. You can expect to be provided service despite not having an appointment because that’s exactly how customer friendly the salon is. BoRic guarantees to meet all your hair care needs by using top-notch quality products and with a team of professionally trained stylists. Setup and operated since the year 1982, BoRic has been known to provide quality customer services.



BoRics offers a wide range of services that their stylists are professionally trained for. The most basic and important facilities they provide are haircuts starting from the most basic leading up to the trendiest of haircuts; you are sure to be given the style that you are looking for. BoRics provides special pricing for seniors above the age of fifty-five and children under the age of twelve. Your haircut will be complemented by a finger blow dry.

Coloring your hair can either be a major change in your appearance or a very necessary alteration to cover your greys. BoRics has got you covered when it comes to your hair color requirement be it just a cover-up for your greys or to help you get a funkier look. They use the most up to date coloring technique and the best possible products they can. You can also choose between highlights, lowlights, ombre, and bayalage.

You can either get individual foils for a slight change in your hair color to a partial or full hair transformation. You can talk to your stylist about what style will suit you the best or you can even tell the stylist if you have got something specific in mind and have that exact kind of color given to your hair.

A perm can be a major change to your appearance and how you get one done and from where can majorly affects the effect that comes with the perm. Perms can go from astoundingly right to devastatingly wrong. Hair have known to go terribly bad and damaged for the worse. You can be assured that you are in safe and capable hands if you choose to get you perm done at BoRics Hair Care.

BoRics offers regular, spiral and speciality perms. Getting waves or loose curls done can add more volume and make your straight hair look more luscious and exotic. Any updo style like braiding and straightening services are provided around the clock. You can also choose to get your hair shampooed. BoRics Hair Care uses a professional shampoo that depends on your hair type. Hair that has not been conditioned well gets dry and damaged and it’s not very pretty to look at. Additionally, dry and damaged hair is a pain to manage and you might also not want to let them down.

BoRics also provides conditioning treatments using professional conditioner and methods that suit your hair type and concerns the best. When it comes to men the most troublesome to manage would be their facial hair. Beards and mustaches are known to be unruly, to begin with. Naturally, if left untamed for long, they get as wild as they can get. BoRics Hair Care helps you manage your beard and mustache by their beard and mustache trims. To top it off they also sells beard balms to help manage your beard at home.

Additionally, they also provide blow-dry styling and another creative/ finished style. Moreover, BoRics also offers facial waxing services for brows, chin, and upper lip. All the hair care services come with full professional consultations. At the beginning of your appointment, your stylist will discuss with you, your preferences and concern you have.


A normal adult hair cut at BoRics costs $15. If you pair it up with a shampoo it goes up to $18 and if you also add a particular style to it the costing starts for $30. BoRics provide a discount for children’s hair cut (10 and under) that comes down to $12. You can get your hair colored at a starting price at $50 while you can get highlights for $55 and above (cap) and $65 and above(foil). Conditioning treatment costs only $6 while facial waxing can cost you $10 or more.

Adult Haircut $13.00
Adult Haircut & Shampoo Starts at $16.00
Adult Haircut, Shampoo & Style Starts at $26.00
Kids Haircut (10 and under) Starts at $10.50
Perms (includes cut) Starts at $50.50
Color Starts at $45.00
Highlights-cap Starts at $50.00
Highlights-foil Starts at $60.00
Facial Waxing Starts at $10.00
Conditioning Treatments Starts at $5.00


First of all, BoRics is the brainchild of a company as established and successful as REGIS. This should be enough assurance that the services provided to you are excellent when it comes to quality. The ambiance of the salon is also kept minimal and pleasing to the eye which lets you have the optimal experience.

The staff makes sure that you have a very warm and comfortable experience. They also use products that are of the highest standards. BoRics makes sure that you can get the best experience out of the price that you pay; which also, to be honest, is quite affordable. Great services and prices that are easy on the pocket are what make BoRics such an easy choice out of the numerous salon out there.

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