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Best Cuts is a hair salon that aims to be able to offer any kind of hair related services that its clients might be looking for, be it traditional or modern. It is a part of the very famous Regis family of salons. In the year 1992, what began as a single hair salon, has grown to become a multi-billion dollar corporation aiming to help people turn into the best version of themselves.

Initially established as Kunin Beauty Salon by Paul and Florence Kunin over 90 years ago, expanded in a flash and turned into a chain of salons located in department stores. The corporation was later taken over by their son Myron who bought and renamed the chain in the year 1958 and that’s how the very well-known corporation named ‘Regis’ came into being.

Myron saw a profitable move in relocating their salons out of department stores to freestanding operations in shopping malls. Over the years, Regis Corporation expanded and started acquiring street locations hence, becoming a major force in franchising.

This increase in business was followed by numerous acquisitions as the company continues to expand in the US, Canada, and the UK. Today Regis Corporation stands to be a leading brand in beauty salons and cosmetology education. The company holds interests or own franchises in about 8000 locations.

Best Cuts is an establishment that indiscriminately offers hair cuts and styling services to all of its clientele. The chain has made their name in the market for being very customer friendly, be to the prices, the fast appointments, the walk-in appointment option, and traditional as well as modern stylings.

Special emphasis is put on making sure that the staff is well trained and kept updated as the market evolves. It prides itself on being able to provide quick but thorough services at affordable prices.




All services at Best Cuts are priced according to the length of your hair. The haircuts are fairly reasonably priced. For short hair, the price starts at $19.99, and the same costs $29.99 for medium length hair and $29.99 and above for long hair. Blow drying for short medium and long hair costs $19.99, $29.99 and $39.99 and above respectively. Deep conditioning prices range from $14.99 to $39.99 and above.

Hair coloring (all over) starts at $49.99 and increases according to the length and thickness of your hair while highlights and lowlights start at $55.00. Other services like toner, eyebrow wax, eyebrow threading, and chin and neck wax all are priced $15 or below.


Hair Cuts Prices

Haircut (short) $19.99 & up
Haircut (medium) $24.99 & up
Haircut (long) $29.99 & up

Blow Dry Prices

Blow Drying (short) $19.99 & up
Blow Drying (medium) $29.99 & up
Blow Drying (long) $39.99 & up

Hair Coloring Prices

All Over Color (short) $49.99 & up
All Over Color (medium) $64.99 & up
All Over Color (long) $79.99 & up
All Over Color (thick hair – extra cost) $20.00 extra
Root $45.00 & up


Highlights Prices

Highlights/Lowlights (short) $55.00 & up
Highlights/Lowlights (medium) $75.00 & up
Highlights/Lowlights (long) $95.00 & up
Highlights/Lowlights (thick hair – extra cost) $20.00 extra

Waxing & Other Services

Toner $10.00 & up
Eyebrow Wax $9.99
Eyebrow Thread $15.00
Under Chin & Neck Wax $15.00


Best Cuts offers its customers a full range of services to choose from for both adults and children. The services fall under the categories: basic cuts, cuts with shampoo, and cuts with styling. They are well known for their quick touch-ups when it comes to bangs and beard trims.

They provide you with options when it comes to coloring your hair. You can get the classic all over color for your hair if you’re confident when going for a change in color. If you aren’t very sure though or need a change in your look without having to make a commitment to it, you could also go for the semi-permanent all over hair color.

While these options are up for grabs, you also get to play it safe by just choosing to touch up if your only goal is covering up your grey hair. Highlights are another kind of change that you could go to update your look. Mini and partial highlights bring a small change while full highlights and lowlights will give your hair the most dimension.

The special services at Best Cuts include styling your hair for formal events or otherwise. Other hair treatments like blow-outs conditioning treatments, perms, and texturing services are also made available. They have a special Malibu treatment that cleanses the hair to get rid of impurities. Many of the chains also provide brow and forehead waxing services.

They even carry a variety of products that are aimed at helping their customers maintain the look that they have while they walk out of their salon. The products that are in the salon are actually very beneficial for treating problematic or chemically treated hair instead of local brands.

Redken is a brand they carry for color care. It is a Designline brand and is a Regis only brand. This product is very exclusive and can be found only at Best Cuts and other salons under Regis. Other popular products include TIGI, Sexy Hair, Kendra, Joico, Farouk, Biosilk, and Biolage. Designline also has a range of products that are especially suited for the hair type and needs of men.

Apart from hair care products, they also carry other products. There are plenty of options to choose from for shaving and grooming for men while women are offered with nail care products and nail paints. Salon quality hair styling tools, brushes, and appliances are also sold here.



There are a number of factors that help us distinguish between a good salon and a bad one and help decide amongst all the great salons out there. Best Cuts is perfect for people who don’t like overspending and still expect a great quality of service.

The ambiance of the salon is that of a classic salon with an open environment and calming colors. It focuses on quick but quality service for people who want the best of both worlds. The service here is pretty quick and without the hassle of getting an appointment beforehand. You can simply walk in and expect to receive quality treatment.

The style gallery at Best Cuts is something that all the customers seem to love. It has a number of pictures for the customers to look at and choose a cut or a color that best suits them. From some trendy haircut to a new dimensional color, there’s something for everyone to find in the online gallery.

The stylists at Best Cuts are well trained and keep themselves updated about the latest trends and styles that are in fashion. They have a great technique as well as amazing people skills to make you feel at ease at all times. They remember the styles and colors that are pretty their regular clients as well.

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