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Having beautiful nails only enhances your beauty and women love it. Irrespective of how beautiful a lady is looking; it will always be incomplete if her nails aren’t proper. And AJ Nails is the correct destination to provide you with just that added beautification to complete your look. AJ Nails is a popularly loved nails salon that offers a plethora of services and aims to maintain the excellence of its services. 

AJ Nails has been in the nail industry for over 10 years now with an exclusive range of services to provide for their clientele at very reasonable prices. The Salon was first established in Minot, North Dakota, and has gained success ever since. 

AJ Nails started in the industry as a very small salon which could barely accommodate up to four customers at a time. However, it was because of the standard of their services that people appreciated them and they started becoming famous through good mouth publicity by their loyal clients. And this is how the owners of AJ Nails decided to expand their business and move to bigger locations.

And because of their determination and hard work, they have managed to create a brand name for themselves and become one of the most trusted nail salons in the area. However, their reach is not merely restricted o the area where their salons are located, customers from neighboring cities traverse the distance just get an experience at the esteemed AJ Nails Salon. 



AJ Nails has been in the nails/ beauty industry for about 10 years now has consistently provided high-quality services and maintained its standard in the business. To be more efficient in their business they have focused on specializing in nail beautification and other nail-related services only. 

AJ Nails offers a plethora of nail service modalities in order to satisfy all kinds of demands made by the customers. They offer a wide range of services such as manicures, pedicures, waxing, and spa services too. AJ Nails is basically a one-stop salon destination for beauty makeovers and relaxation.

The services at AJ Nails are performed by extremely skilled nail artists and trained professionals that ensures perfection in service providing and complete customer satisfaction. No matter what demands the clients make, these talented artists make sure that the customer is astonished by the final product.

They maintain complete professionalism but also make sure to keep a warm and welcoming environment to make the clients feel at home. The staff at AL Nails is very amicable and that enhances their relationship with the clients. AJ Nails provides its clients with a relaxing and light environment that makes their experience even more pleasurable. 



AJ Nails is a popularly loved nails salon that provides an extensive range of services at reasonable prices. AJ Nails houses extremely talented professionals who are exceptionally good at what they do. They create a warm and welcoming environment and their artists are very amicable, so the client’s experience is made very comfortable and relaxing.

They are very peculiar about complete customer satisfaction and make sure that the customer is astonished at their services and the result. The creativity and technical abilities of the professionals at AJ Nails is commendable and often appreciated by customers. 



AJ Nails Salon does not fall short of rewarding its deserving, loyal clients. They provide various offers and promotional packages that are described well on their official website. These offers and packages are very beneficial economically.

They have also partnered with Groupon, so the subscribers of the Groupon site get the opportunity o gain discounts and various other advantages. AJ Nails provides amazing discounts and rewards, you should check it out on their website!



From amongst the plethora of services that AJ Nails offers to its customers, here are a few along with their prices.

For Pedicures, a Basic Pedicure which involves shaping, cuticle cut, sea salt, massage, and nail polish costs $30, a French Pedicure which involves a basic pedicure with white tips costs $30, a Deluxe Pedicure which consists sea salt, mint mask, and Paraffin wax costs $48, a Hot Stone Pedicure which consists sea salt, mint mask, paraffin wax, and a relaxing hot stone massage costs $48, a Pure Organic Pedicure which involves lavender blossom, citrus orange, Hawaiian orchard blossom, and green tea with acai berry costs $55, OPI Pedicure Scents which consists papaya pineapple, lemon tonic, royal verbena, and tropical citrus costs $60.

For Refills, Acrylic costs $30, Powder of Colour costs $25, Pink and White Solar costs $40, and Pink and White Highlight costs $48 and up.

For Artificial Nail Services, an Acrylic Full Set costs $30, Colour Trip Full Set costs $45, and a Powder Colour Full Set costs $50.

For Natural Nail Services, a Basic Manicure costs $20, a French Manicure costs $25, a Hot Wax Manicure costs $25, a Pure Organic Manicure costs $35, an OPI Manicure costs $40, Gel Colour with Manicure costs $30, Gel Colour costs $20, a Hand and Toe Polish costs between $10 to $15, a Free Hand Nail Art costs $30, Nail Take-Off costs $10, and Nail Repair costs $3 to $5.

Pedicure Prices


Refill Prices

Artificial Nail Prices

Other Nail Service Prices



AJ Nails is not just a regular nail salon but has much more to offer. The splendid quality of services, the relaxing ambiance, the extremely skilled artists, and all this at reasonable rates. What more can a customer ask for?

To get your nails done and completely beautified, this is the apt destination. No matter how high your demands are, AJ Nails will always exceed them and completely leave you in awe of them. If you become one of their frequent customers, there are amazing offers and packages that are very beneficial economically. So visit AJ Nails to enhance your nail beautification experience and make it more relaxing and pleasurable.

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